I dont like my class


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In mt past sw days I realy enjoyed going to class. The consultant was great and there was a good atmosphere there. Yes there was loud chatter at times but it was nipped in the bud.

This time I live in a different area and do not like my new class. The consultant is fine but there are way too many people there - its takes 30 mins queueing to get weighed and cos there are so many people the class is rushed. Also too much loud chatter means you cant hear what is going on properly. I didnt stay to class last night as couldnt face it. I resent paying the fee just to weigh and need the support of the class. was also miffed that they didnt have the new magazine in class.

My old class is within travelling distance 20 mins away so am probably going to transfer back there, only problem is my manager from work takes the money at my new class so will have to tackle this sensitively - otherwise would just cut and
run. Any suggestions on how to do this without offending my manager?

Will prob give the new class a last chance go Tuesday - or maybe lots of people will drop out after the new year rush and the class will improve.
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Have you tried voicing your concerns to your C so she is made aware, as others may also be feeling the same?
If you don't want to try this, then I personally would just explain to your manager how you feel and just say that you feel more motivated in the other class. There shouldn't really be any hard feelings if you feel you are getting more from the other class.


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Or you could contact SW thro the website. They usually split the classes if they get too busy.


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Bear in mind that classes are always really busy at this time of year, and they always start tailing off in about March!! What area have you moved to? I go to Alicia Gwynn in Sketty on a Monday, or a Thurs in Killay if I can't get there Mon-She also does Ystradgynlais on a Tues! She is AMAZING!! I love her- she's so bubbly, kind, enthusiastic and motivating!X

PS And we had the new mag!!X
All you need to say is that it is more convenient to go to the other class. As long as you tell the consultant (so that she doesn't have to waste time chasing you) there is no need for any further explanation.