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I dont wanna go weigh in tomorrow.....


Otherwise known as Jools
as I think that I will gain again :cry: I am so tempted to go back to a TFR diet, but I know that is not the answer, cannot live on one of them forever.

I guess I will give it another week or so and then make up my mind.

Sorry just had to have a bit of a moan.
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as I think that I will gain again :cry: I am so tempted to go back to a TFR diet, but I know that is not the answer, cannot live on one of them forever.

please don't go there l had been on and off liquid diets for last 2yrs loosing /regaining its just a vicious cycle .my body was really messed up l know how frustrating it is on the scales at the moment but try and give it more time. you will get there in the end ((hugs))
AAww I know how you feel, its like a kick inthe teeth isnt it. The positive from this is that you are fueling your body with good healthy food. Because of this its in a little shock and holding onto it thinking you may very well "starve" it again. It will kick in, just not to sure when. Try with it for a little longer honey.


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((hug)) will keep my fingers crossed, best of luck! Keep in mind that your eating much more healthily with WW than a TFR diet and your body will thank you for that. The weight will have to drop off eventually if your sticking to plan as you will be in a calorie deficit, it's just slower to happen which although frustrating at the time is a good thing as slow weight loss you get accustomed to and its easier to keep off long term.


plodding away
I agree with what everyone has said. I know it must be frustrating but keep plodding on and the weight will come off. Healthy eating must be better than tfr and you are learning healthy habits for the future.

Weigh as planned, you may have a pleasant surprise. Good luck :D
Please stay on with us

Last Sunday it said id sts so my weighin monday wasnt looked forward to but I did it and lost 1lbs and that for me was disappointing as I lose slow but had been losing quick........
This week Im having the same bad result taking a peak and I have been an angel ww er and exercised lots but for some reason I havent done as well as hoped BUT I cant go back to vlcd as I ended up in a cycle of on off on of 3 stone heavier 4 years later :mad: SO
I see ww as a plan not a diet and I want to lose 2+ lbs a week so will try something new each week to aim for that.
I feel weigh tomorrow and maybe start afresh on ww like you did in week one be spot on with measure and weigh and write everything down and increase exercise and water intake and maybe do fast start?
I know how you feel as a gain will make it feel wahts the point but it could be for any reason as said just try and carry on,maybe weigh-in 2 weekly or montly I am seriously considering monthly as Im adicted to my scales :cry: xx


Otherwise known as Jools
Thanks ladies - I know that you are right and this is the best way for me to go. I expected to STS or gain a little bit but not every week. Fingers crossed for a STS at least tonight - a loss will be amazing. I'm not going to give up just yet but will give it a bit longer.

I shall let you know how it goes tonight :D
don't worry if you have a dissapointing week, i only lost 0.5lb last week but its still a loss. Remember your weight will fluctuate throughout the month so you will have WI's where you look as though you have gained. Keep on going :eek:)


Otherwise known as Jools
See my other thread in the weigh in section - but I have had a loss :D I have never been so happy to have lost only a 1lb - but at least its going the right way now :D :D
well done!
:happy096: WELL DONE, EEcckk can feel the pride in that thread :D. Thats great news, onwards and downwards from now on. :cool:
Congratulations on the loss and sticking to WW too. I also know the lure of quick losses on TFR. Not good long term though. I lost 2 stone on cambridge last year, its all gone back on so now its WW's turn to train me for life so too speak. PS: youve done sooo well so far. :)

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