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I feel bad :(

It's half way of my journey. I can't stop thinking of how much longer I have to stick to TFR. Especially on weekends. I constantly think how much did I lose, how much I still need to lose and how many weeks, days I need to stick to it. This is getting me down. I feel depressed... Even the results are not helping this time.. I don't know what is going on? I don't really miss food, but I miss social life. I feel separated from the rest of the world.. I feel... BAD:cry: stil staying 100% anyway..
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Do you know i had the same conversation with my other half last night.... i miss eating out with my friends.... grabbing a sandwich with my mum.... i feel very alienated... but as my (Wise) OH said.... its not forever..... it will fly... and then you can make up for that lost time and feelin 200% better about yourself!!! x


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How are you with being around others that are eating!!! I felt better for getting out!! Anyone you can meet for a black coffee???? x


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Do you have a goal date... could you re-feed for a couple of weeks..... eat some nice food and then go back to it!!! ALthough i believe the first time is the easiest!!!
I was thinking about that but my husband said no :( Maybe he is right and like you said it may be more diffcult to go back on it. Some people don't have any problems with that.

I have a goal weight which if everything goes by plan should reach on the end of September.. Sometimes I think that maybe I could quit earlier and try other diets like for example Non combined diet (dr. hay) and slowly get down with my weight. I want to do it anyway for a living as this looks not too complicated and I can eat almost everything (but not together). but I know that non of the diets will give such a fantastic results...

I think I should concentrate on something else then Lipotrim and take day as it is. If I wouldn't think about it, then days, weeks will pass on and I will get to the goal.
And yes, I am around when others are taking their meal. Even worse. I am baking and cooking at home so I think I need to at least skip beaking..
Hi Avaya,

I hear ya! I know exactly how you are feeling. I feel the same now, lipotrim has been my life since the 31st of May. Initially I only planned to do this for a couple of weeks for a kick start but like you said the results are so good its hard to stop. I did find refeeding helped me a bit though and the holiday week. I can't seem to stay 100% anymore, I have started picking and tasting which I never did before. I am going to try and stick with it for 2 more weeks taking it one day at a time. Your other half is right its not forever and our lives will be much healthier and happier afterwards :)
Stay strong xx
I felt like that yesterday the main thing for me is just being bored with the shakes so im trying to do different things and tonight im gunna try the soup!

Hope you feel better soon luv
Thank you all for your support. I feel much better now. Oh and Deezer-cookie is not too bad I have to say. I made one and used the rest as a drink. It was nice to chew something in my mouth ;-) guys if you want to try it is worth it. Mix 60ml of water with shake and put 2 spoons of the mixture in a bowl. Heat it for 30/40sek. Let it cool. Here comes the cookie ;-) nice fom time to time.
I did mine in bursts of about 25/30 seconds..... I can normally make 3..... Make your choc shake up with about 2 fl oz of water!!!
Make your chocolate shake up with just under 2floz of water... u can play about with the consistency.... then i put about 2 tabespoons of mixture on a piece of greaseproof paper on a small plate, spread it out!!! Then i microwave it for about 30 seconds.... open the door... let it cool a few seconds and just keep doing that untill its all cooked..... its crunchy and its no chocolate hob nob lol.... but its something to chew on.... i make about 3/4 cookies in the morning when i am at work.... its easy and you can chew!! Hurrah!!!
That's the original message from Deezer.
it probbaly depends from your microwave. I assume Deezer's mic is stronger than mine that's why it takes longer time for me. Deezer - NICE ONE!
Since you already loss pounds. Maybe it's time for you to get back to life, but now in a different way. I guess with our programs (we all have different programs though) we all learned discipline. Don't deprive yourself with good food hun. They're there for us, always. Just know how to eat them. Know your limitations and burn them after by walking or running.
Avaya, sorry to hear you've been finding it tough (that's probably an understatement). What I have noticed is that when people post things when they feel this bad it USUALLY passes. It sounds like it might have already done for you. I do hope so. It just goes to show how our thinking mode can affect how we feel about what we're doing. I really hope you get to your goal cause LT really does get you to where you want to be the fastest. One last thought: Sacrifice is giving something up for something better. :) Good luck xx
Thanks girls. Uklady you are right I feel much better today. I have just finished week no.7 and lost1.7kg/3.7lbs Not really impressed with that but anyway I feel that I can do this. Counting down shakes also motivates me to stay with it till the end of September.

Thank you for your support - as always! :*

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