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I feel exhausted by Counselling Session!!

Wow what a night it has been tonight. I have just been to my week 8 weigh in and am thrilled that I lost another 6lbs but I feel absolutely exhausted after a really intensive counselling session. Our Counsellor decided that she wanted us to map out our lives in decades listing all the events that we remember whether they be happy or sad and then mark them as times when our weight was high, medium or low.

Sounds easy enough but when we were asked to read what we had written out to the class each person in turn became so emotional and tearful, it was amazing how everyone had written about all the sad thing that had happened to them. By the time everyone had read out their stories we were an hour over our time and we were all emotional wrecks, but we all feel like we know each other a lot more now and understand the reasons why everyone started this LL journey.

I just hope that no one went home and comforted themselves with a binge because it was really traumatic and I hope we donts have to do that again next week, dont think I could stand the pressure :wave_cry:
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Isn't strange that it is easier to remember the sad things rather than the happy things. I once did this and couldn't remember the happy things at first only the sad things

Irene xx
Hi Sandra,

I remember that session too, we were all in tears in our session afterwards too, it really bonded us as a group, some of the girls were so brave and had been through so much, I felt pretty drained at the end, but once I went home and had a cuddle with hubby and a cup of green tea, I felt much better.

There will be laughs too though, last Wednesday we were all absolutely roaring, it all started about "Twinkles and Lady Gardens", and tha fact I saw mine for the first time in years without the aid of a mirror! We had tears streaming!:rolleyes:

I've made such good friends over the months, am sure you will to!


Yes your right Greenockgal, most weeks we laugh a lot and are a small but happy group, I really enjoy the sessions. Last night was just an eye opener and I really feel like I have bonded with all the other girls now, I suppose that is the point of the exercise.

we did that in week 6 and we really didnt get the benifit from it. We had a locum that week and she had no idea what she was doing. DOnt think it was her fault she thought we were on week 4. She got us so totally confused none of us managed to put down on paper what we were suppose to. We ended up chatting about the kids and how they drive you mad lol.
It's week eight for us this week but we have a locum at the moment. I know that there is no way I would feel comfortable enough to do that with her in a group. It does sound like a good exercise and has started me thinking already today. An afternoon of self psycho-analysis seems in order. Although I'mnot sure how safe that is!