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Though I'd update after a tough few days at the start I'm now on day 6 and I feel great. I haven't had this much energy in years. I'm not hungry and the main thing is no guilt about what Im eating. 4 foodpacks...easy.

thank you everyone for the advice when I was low last week..

You go gal. Enjoy that positive feeling :)
Hi Nibbea

So relate to how you are feeling. Glad you've got through the tough bit. It is simple isn't it? You are so right about being proud of the good you are doing for yourself.

Enjoy the feeling and the weight will drop off.

Dizzy x
Thanks karion, feeling positive is definately something new I could get to enjoy.

hiya Stardreamer,

havent weighed myself since the midweek drop in when I'd lost 9 lbs, stick with it honestly after the first 3 days its so much easier,

hi Dizzy

I know there are going to be ups and downs and this is a long road. I just wish Id found ll earlier, it really is simple (although I do wish they would lose the m&s food advert..lol)

Thanks Shadow

Im finding it easy(for now) as I'm not hungry, I suddenly have so much energy too.

hey flopster

I'm in control its lovely, have you started management yet? hows it going?