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I feel fantastic!!!!!!!


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Just got out the shower, and was looking through the wardrobe, debating what to wear on such a nice day, and decided i will wear my top i brought just last month, and a pair of jeans were on the hanger too, and had a little of thought, maybe i could wear them? I usually only wear them when i know i am not going to be out long so i can take them off quickly, and i cant believe it they fit better then they did when i got them last year :D so comfy! I am so happy, this then lead me on to actually put some make up on and do my hair, i am just letting off confidence, something i have been missing for a very long time, and i am glad it is coming back i have missed it! Cant imagine what i am going to be like when i get to goal x
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Thats great news. I've been looking for some motivational threads and come across yours, so thank you. I'm having a bad day today, and I'm looking forward to feeling the way you do today soon.
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I'm having a good day on the jeans front too today. Had a pair i liked but the button above the zip proved difficult so i just used to leave it undone and do my belt up over the top of it, lol.. makes me laugh now! Now i can easily do this button up and can fit both fists in the bit above my bum cheeks, below the waist band! Hurray!! x
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This is just the best feeling isnt it, happened to me this week with a pair of trousers. Thanks for posting this its great to read really gives a boost.


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Aw K8, that's fab... and you're right, it does get better. Once the CD starts to work, it just collects more momentum as we get a boost from looking better and also feeling more in control eating-wise... great feeling, isn't it?

Purple Hugs

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Ahh that is a fantastic post! :D Really pleased you're having a great day and seeing the changes already :)
Well done you!!
Now.. send that sun to me.. it's foggy and horrible here! lol
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Well done! Not surprised you feel fab! I'm fairly new to this site and CD so love reading people's posts to spur me on. I'm in my second week on SS and have found some days really tough but will NOT give in! I WILL be slm by the summer and hopefully soon I will feel like you!x


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S: 15st9.6lb C: 15st0.6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 0st9lb(4.1%)
Ah thanks everyone for your kind words, i have just got in and still wearing the jeans ;) have had a great day, went to the new Ikea, pure bliss! Survived the KFC drive through, and the smell as daughter say eating it in the car, i had a tetra! Feeling really positive, i hope i hit the stone mark this week, and if not at least old clothes are fitting again x


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I went out last night for the first time in months, as CD has completely given me my confidence back. I still look big, but I KNOW my weight loss is great, which makes me so much happier, and people notice that. I'm only on my third week, but all my friends noticed I'd lost weight in the face (I was getting pudgy cheeks!).

My trousers are also falling off me - I'm having to tighten my belts by about 2/3 holes already. It's the absolute best feeling - I'm on top of the world! :D

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