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I feel like Im failing


I WILL be thin!!
The weight losses just arent quick enough for me. Its my own fault, for weighing myself again this morning instead of once a week. I've lost nothing since my weigh in on Monday.:cry: I'm aware that I have so much yet to lose and little time to do it in. I added pressure to myself by buying holiday clothes in smaller sizes, determined to make it! What on earth more can I do on SS to make the weigh loss more?!
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Hi sweetie
As you get closer to your goal, your weight loss will slow down. You are eating very few calories, therefore your body's metabolism is slowing too. Dont do anything else, other than take it easy on yourself, you have done so brilliantly so far.

Don't put pressure on yourself and throw those scales away!!

Good luck

Rosie x
i would make sure your drinking more than enought water, esp as it's warmer weather this seemed to help me some weeks i felt i was not lossing so upped the water more and did however like rose said as you get to the point where you don't have loads to loss it does slow down a bit,

good luck hope you have a good loss this week...don't scale hop thou as it's a kinda false reading halfway thought the week !


I WILL be thin!!
I got 3 days off now so I'm really going to push the water and stay off the scales :(

If I've calculated correctly you've lost 3.2lbs per week on average. That is a good loss - far better than you could get on a traditional diet. Don't let the "head stuff" get in your way - just keep plugging away and you'll get there.

I agree with the others in that the heat at the moment is probably not helping! Just keep glugging the water and try not to worry about what the scales say.

You are doing brilliantly in my opinion!
stick with it, remember water retention etc. there's loads of reasons why the scales may or may not slow down. I had a sts in week three so at my last cdc mtg I had her do my measurements too cos I know hey changed in week 3 even if the scales didn't. - I'm a daily weigher too, don't let it get you down.

DOn't loose heart you have come weigh to far (sorry couldn't resist)

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