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i feel poo....

Well i started back to sw on tues as you all know, im doin well so far which im glad off, but my bikinis came yesterday for my holiday (which i go on 4 weeks this fri, so no iv left dieting far too late L) and i tried them on and I look like a whale!!! My bottom half is fine its just my tummy. I carry all my weight there and i feel awful! :cry:How much weight do u think i can lose in 4 weeks? Iv no nights out planned, apart from this sat day but im keepin syns by for my drink so hopin i shud be ok.. wats best thing to do to try and shed as much as i can in 4 weeks?

All tips appreciated xxxxx
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Awwww stick with the plan and lose what you can, in fairness 4 weeks isnt a huge amount of time.
Get yourself some nice floaty sarongs to wear x
im hopin i can lose somethin to make me feel a bit better, i mean i no im not huge im a 14 but my tummy is so big
Thats the only problem area i really have, my bf says im fine but i really dont feel itLi wudnt even show him wat they r like. Ohh its horrible feelin like that and to make matter worse im all inclusive on hol so il cum home about a stone heavier!!lol (not even funny but if i didn’t laugh id cry lol)


Will be thin god dammit!!
Do your best for the 4 weeks before - Go and have a fab holiday, eat as healthy as you can but make sure you enjoy yourself first and foremost.
Then when you come back if you've put on so be it you can knuckle back down to the plan and get to where you want to be!
Good luck x
yep i intend to have a good holiday and face the music when i come back then get straight back on plan..i no myself that there will be worse than me on the beach (i hope so anyway!)

do u think i shud gorge on free food and supefree food to help my loss?im always scared eatin to much free food!xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Certainly the superfree should speed up your loss - make sure your really careful with measuring stuff like HEX A and B choices too and you should at least feel a bit better about yourself by the time you go

Wee Doll

Silver Member
id say if you stick by the diet and dont stray you will do really well, i wouldnt put a set amount on it as i wouldnt want to feel down if i didnt lose that much

however here is a tip that has worked for me

not only have i lost my weight i have dropped 2 full sizes in a bra and in my jeans aswell from power walking i started off doing 3.5 miles a night which took me nearly an hour ( 53 mins ) i now do 6.2 miles and its takes me 1 hour 10 mins to do and there is a hill which is over 2 miles long that i walk. i t was all about building up my stamina and i now jog parts of my walk and could prob jog the whole walk if i really put my mind to it.

Dont focus on the negatives ( ie you say you dont like your tummy ) focus on the positives ... how good will your bum and boobs look lol

i hope this helps you as it did me i really beleive that power walking has helpped me lose the inches that i have done cause evern the weeks that i only lost o.5lbs or even when i gained or maintained my clothes are still getting looser :D

x good luck x


Will be thin god dammit!!
I would love to do that weedoll but i think i'd collapse at the mo!!!
I guess i would have to build it up little by little
yep im very careful with my hex which is good :) im just gna fill up on my free and superfree stuff :)

thanks wee doll that has helped! im actually startin walkin 2moro night and i must say when i used to walk it always made me feel better!! thanks for all your advice girls and fingers crossed i get a half decent loss before i go! even if i do gain it all while im away!lol xx

Wee Doll

Silver Member
i find walking has made me more energetic i get better sleeps aswell where as before i could sit up all night on the net then go to work the next day like a zombie now im busting to get to bed for 11 latest lol and im up like a lilty at 6:45 if i could get a power walk or a wee jog before work i would but i cant due to location of my job :(

i deffo think it helps with inch loss


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