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Ive just been out for a rn and have come back in tears. I am so disgusted with my self. While running my gross fat stomach came wobbling out of my knickers, my tracky bottoms were falling down. This has made me feel vile. I cant even walk without my knickers folding under my belly. I feel so disgusting even running my fat seems to wobble. I dont want to wear a corset when exercising but this has made me feel so gross. How have I let myself get like this, I cant even do my bikini like without holding up one of my bellies. So depressed feel like drowning my sorrows, I cant explain how disgusting i feel. :wave_cry:
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WOAH WOAH calm down. I know you feel disgusting, i've had my moments. But what you're feeling is not what everyone else can see. and apart from that, YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Be positive and learn to love yourself. You can look how you want to but you'll never be happy if you keep thinking like this. Don't be sad hun. chin up xxx
I'm not following sw but just wanted to come on and say I know exactly how you feel. I have the same knicker rolling down problem, and I understand how you feel.

Use it as your inspiration though, don't let it get you down. You are doing something about it and as each pound drops you will feel better and better about yourself. Imagine how great you'll feel when you're at goal!

Helen x
I can totally relate to what youre saying. When I started my diet none of my knickers could get over my stomach it was horrible!! Just remember though the weight didnt go on over night, it wont come off overnight but it WILL come off.

I hate hearing someone sound SO unhappy but youve taken the first steps to getting rid of it youre taking positive action *HUGS*

Wish I could say something to make you feel better, but even if its not much consolation right now, youre not alone...


8 t whole wheel of cheese
Go make yourself a cup of tea, dry your tears and watch something funny. And find yourself a hug from anyone, even a pillow lol. that what i do sometimes when theres noone to hug. or i hug my teddy. try and relax, we're all in this together. xxx


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Aw hun, we all feel like that at times but as it's already been said you are doing something about it. I remember one day before I started on SW my washing hadn't dried and I'd run out of uniform for work. I was looking for some other suitable trousers to wear but I didn't have anything as all my clothes were stretchy and 'fat' clothes, not smart enough for work. I laid on the bed crying and Mr Taz just didn't understand how ashamed I felt that I looked so disgusting. He ended up having to phone in sick for me as I was in too much of a state to go into work.


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Hi hun so sorry your feeling so bad :hug99: I have been there when I was at my biggest. I am still big but I have come to accept just what Starlight said that it wont just go over night (although I wish it did). Well bloomin done for getting out there and running I think your amasing for just doing that.

If your so concerned about your belly popping out to say hello, I know they are not very flattring but why not try some of them big hold you in knickers. I bought some of ebay a few weeks ago. BODY SHAPER WONDER PANTS - CONTROL/SUPPORT KNICKERS on eBay, also, Women's Underwear Swimwear, Clothes, Shoes Accessories (end time 16-Jun-08 23:31:29 BST)
they are fab at holding in your tum. Three cheers to the wonderpants.:giggle:

I know them wonderpants are size 14 but if you just search on ebay you can find bigger sizes if you are bigger (which I know I am) or smaller if you are smaller.
oh no i hope you are feeling better hun, try not to get upset, you are wonderful and you will love your body again one day, you just have to give it time, and as everyone else has said, you are doing something about it, so just be patient and you will wake up one day and love your body! Im just starting to like my body again now, although i do hate my hang belly lol but even if i were really slim i would still find something to moan about (like some of my slim friends...still go on about how ugly/fat they are, what is that all about!!?)
Im not sure if that helps, but i know how you feel (and probably most of this forum too) So you are not alone and we will help you anyway we can


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Oh hun thats a very moving thing to share with us all and I can appreciate your feelings. You actually go running?!!! Well done, I can only dream of one day going running! I'd get black eyes off my boobs for a start... Just write down how you are feeling now. Every day you are a step AWAY from that feeling. You have inspired me to aim for running. Keep up the excellent work! :)


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Hi there
I can't run either and I used to jog regularly! You are a step or two ahead of a lot of us for that alone! Beauty comes from inside and radiates out. Love yourself and have a buddy for every step of the journey. For the hard times we're all here and understand what you're talking about. It's quite a journey but it will happen if you stick with it.:gen126:
Gem x


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Oh hun I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happens to me. It groses me out when I run upstairs and I can here my stomach hit my legs :cry:And when I went to my fist aqua class I wore a tankini and the bottoms kept coming down revealing my large belly which was bouncing about in the water. Needless to say I went and bought an all in one costume :eek:

But like the others have said, we are doing something about it, and soon we will be able to run and wear bikinis with pride :D


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Have you tried sloggi Sloggi Briefs

or playtex full brief knickers are also very good for staying up and avoiding the roll down under the belly:mad:

My tummy was huge and I found them very comfortable...mind you I could not even walk fast then :cry: so not tested for running, just walking and bending...

You are doing something about your weight and fitness and you are making progress:hug99:

Be gentle with yourself.

Love Mini xxx

I like others have said can relate so much to your post hun.
Try to take the positives from the situation tho...You were running, not sat down ignoring your weight. You were out doing something to try and help you lose some weight.
Keep battling against it and don't beat yourself up hun


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Well done you for takign positive steps and getting out and actually running! Be proud of yourself, you deserve to be - after all you could have had your bum on the sofa instead and you didn't!

You could always try the 'no knicker' idea that some runners go with!!!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
You could always try the 'no knicker' idea that some runners go with!!!!
think of the chaffing!!! lol

look on the bright side...at least you can run!!! i couldn't even run for the bus!
Thanks all - feeling a bit better today. Managed to find my old sports knickers YAY - that will hold the belly in place when I go out for tonights run (well more like a jog at the mo). I am doing The Race for Life on the 16th July and hope to be able to jog ALL the way round. Weigh in on Monday so fingers crossed.

Thanks all - feeling a bit better today. Managed to find my old sports knickers YAY - that will hold the belly in place when I go out for tonights run (well more like a jog at the mo). I am doing The Race for Life on the 16th July and hope to be able to jog ALL the way round. Weigh in on Monday so fingers crossed.

I too know how you feel and I don't have anything to add to what the other lovely people posted but I still want to send you hugs....:hug99:
and good luck for the race. I pull my hat to you for doing that because even though I've lost weight and I am a lot fitter, I can't imagine running just yet...

Keep your chin up and we're all proud of you..



Here for the Journey

Hi there
I can second the sloggi idea. They are SO comfortable. I wear them all the time and no roll-down. I wear the full brief - not a bit sexy but very comfortable. Oh no I'm sounding a bit like Bridget Jones now.....
Glad you are feeling better and WOW for going out again tonight - Go Girl :superwoman:
Gem x