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i feel rotten...

Is there a bug or something going round? Its only 1.30 and im ready for bed!!!
I feelt a bit headachey this morning, but now i feel really nausious too. and i dont know if im hot or cold!
I know its nothing to do with the diet as ive been sticking to it 100% for 55 days now, but BOY do i feel ill. ....and hungry....
No chance of going home tho ...we are already short staffed....:cry:
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AWWW poor KWB.

There are a few of us at the moment who are feeling poorly.

I have a sore, tickly throat, feel hot and have a cold starting.

Hope your day goes quickly and you are soon home and can snuggle up.
Hi Keelie

We have had a bug going round where I am. At work there were at least 8 people off at the same time with it. They all complained of flu like symptons :(

Hope you havent got this and its just a little cold.

Hope you feel better soon.
well, ive been sick...and i still feel really nausious but im still here at work! lol
at least when i get home i can get the duvet and snuggle on the sofa!


Staff member
Sorry to hear your feeling poorly Keelie:sick:

Love Mini xxx
thanks guys.
Im toying with the idea of having an AAM meal tonight, just to see if it 'perks' me up. i really dont think i could survive on just a shake tonight...what do you think?:eat:

xxx :sick:


Staff member
Well it does say if your off par that you should not be SSing:)

I think if you feel that little bit of chicken and veggie will help I can't see why not.

It will give something for you to look forward to this evening.

You did very well on AAM.

Love Mini xxx
i think i will aam. i just feel that i need to. Ta mini xx


My daughter has been sick sick sick - since 4am - If I were you I would go nil by mouth otherwise you will feed the bug and throw up again!
Probably the only reason you have been sick just the once is due to having only shakes in your tum!
Hope you feel better soon