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i feel rubbish


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woke this morning feeling rubbish about everything really, weight is just going up and up, and have tried and failed time and time again to get back on cambridge. Got to 10stone 10 a few years ago with LL, and have lost 2 stone more recently on cd.
am now back up to 14 stone 6 this morning.
feel breathless on walking up the stairs although i regularly walk 10 miles outdoors. Have a gym membership that I never use.
none of my clothes fit, my boobs (which I had reduced after my big weight loss are almost back to where they were before, ie jumping out of my bra
my ankles and knees hurt as well. Trouble is when I'm stressed out like this I feel starving hungry and tend to be found in the kitchen eating, don't even bother sitting down, just shovel it in

I know I'm not the only one out there to feel like this and I need to pull it back and get some control back in my life

I am making steps to sort out my worklife which involves shifts, nights, working on my days off and has no pattern where I can get a routine, and I start a new role next week which involves working mon to fri during the day. Trouble is this comes with losing shift allowance (about £250 month) when I don't have any money to spare and have been working extra shifts to sort out my finances.

sorry to be moaning but I need to get this off my chest

I'm intending to get back on cambridge today as I know that the weight starts to drop off quickly and a couple of weeks will leave me feeling much stronger and more in control. However if I go by previous attempts by 3pm will have my head in the fridge again. Not helped by the fact that I have to go to a meeting at lunchtime with what they tell me is a "lovely lunch". Can I be strong, I don't know. am such a failure that probably not. Rant over now, going to drink some water
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i've never tried the cambridge diet so i can't pass comment on it, but i didn't want to read your post and leave it uncommented. everybody has off days, it's a part of life, but you need to try and stay positive. stop thinking 'by 3pm i'll be bingeing again' just try to get through one hour at a time, then one day at a time, and it'll become easier.

everybody falls off the wagon occasionally, you just have to make sure you get back up, dust yourself down, and get straight back on it. i'm relatively new to this forum, and i have a long way to go with my weight loss, but i know it's do-able. i feel positive when i think about the future, excited even. i hope you can feel more positive too.

i wish you every success with your journey. don't give up, you can succeed! :) x
first of all dont think your a failure because you will fail, you need to set small goals and reward yourself when you've achieved them, your obviously not positive at the moment but that positivity will come in time, you know you can lose enough weight because you've done it before so you know what its like, also maybe you are choosing the wrong diet, you shouldnt feel diprived, losing weight isnt always easy, and the quickest way of losing weight isnt necessary the best, if you've lost the weight before and havent maintained then you need to resolve the issues with food maybe try calorie counting or something like weight watchers, might be better for resloving the binging and maintanace, also it will make you think differently about food you will get into a habbit of eating nice and healthy foods, although its not the quickest way to lose the weight.

its good that your going to work juring the day but if you havent got enough to live on then maybe you need to re evaluate your job, it could be the course of your weight gain, its all about changing your lifestyle to suit you.


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You're not a failure. Just because your body and mind can't handle a particular diet programme, that doesn't make you a failure. It makes the diet a failure. You haven't failed the diet - the diet has failed you. If it makes you feel ill, miserable, out of control, and hopeless - that's a pretty good indicator that it's maybe not for you.

Please don't blame yourself for not being able to stick to something extreme. There's really only a very tiny proportion of people for whom any particular extreme diet actually works in the long term. It's not your fault if you're not one of them.

You -can- lose weight, you know that, the challenge is just finding the right and sustainable way for you to do it so that you never have to go through any kind of dieting again. Personally I don't think that losing weight should be hellish hard work, I think it should be a way of living that you can comfortably sustain for the rest of your life with only a few minor adjustments once you reach your target.

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