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I feel so depressed. (**Food mentioned**)


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I ruined everything last night. I had some pizza and chicken wings. Not just a nibble either. Im so disgusted with myself. I cant even go a week. I have ruined everything, all my work last week was for nothing, and I have probably gained in a night, what I lost in the week. sigh.

I feel so depressed now, Im going to try again today. I had my TOTM this morning too, which I wasnt expecting, does that make a difference?

I dont want to be a serial restarter.. I really do want this, so why did I order that pizza :(

God, I am just filled with repulsion today.

sorry if this post is really depressive, I havent told anyone im on this diet, and Im a single mom. So I dont really have anyone to talk to about this.
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You have had one little blip. Chalk it down to the hormones of TOTM and forget about it. The more you dwell on it the more you will get depressed and feel less likely to start again. Continue with the good work you have been doing and I am sure you will see the rewards. Good luck


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Hi Sunnydays, I am a serial cheater but have still lost nearly 3 and a half stone (since Feb 08 with exercise and cutting down portion sizes). If I fall off the wagon (which I do frequently) i just pick myself up and carry on! There is no point beating yourself up about it because you cannot change what has gone before. Even if you have had one blip you will feel the benefit of all the other days that you have been 100%. I don't want to lead you astray and I know that others on CD will not agree with me but I do have at least one treat a week and although my losses may be slightly less than others I feel that this is the only way that I can stick with it. Hope you feel better soon.


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I read this a couple of weeks ago and saved it, I found it really helpful so hope you do too! hope mike doesn't mind!

Mike Scott's No Willpower Required Newsletter

The problem with a lot of people who overeat is that they overeat to cheer up! Therefore, when you are on a diet you think you aren't very happy and you can't eat to cheer up about it!

The problem then comes when you do eat.....because you have eaten you actually get a few seconds of nice stuff followed by a feeling that you have failed. You then have a learnt behaviour that when you have failed you use food to make yourself happy again and you get stuck in the circle.

The reality is, of course, that if you do eat something you haven't "blown" a diet, you haven't "fallen off the diet wagon" and you certainly aren't a huge failure. You made a choice to stop your diet while you had some calories, and that is about it!

If you originally had ten stone to lose and when you had reduced by five stone you ate a Mars Bar and went straight back to a calorie controlled diet afterwards, then you would still be slim at the end of it. Therefore, when you do step off of your diet and decide conciously to eat something, just accept that you made a decision in life, no different than what to wear today.

Now of course, I would question what is more important to you. Do you want to be slim and healthy or would you rather have that instant food fix? If you really want the food that much then don't pull yourself to bits over it.

I chatted with a couple this week who had bought each other an Easter Egg for Easter and sat and ate the whole egg on Sunday night. They were absolutely devastated they had done it and couldn't understand why.....

I asked them a few guided questions and it was about the two of them sharing an experience together and relaxing on the sofa enjoying themselves. Now funnily enough that seems pretty reasonable to me!! What they needed to understand is that they chose to do it. Eating for the next 3 days as they had "blown" their diet would also be a choice, and a choice that, I am glad to say, they didn't take.

Let's turn this to you! When you "break" your diet do you ever then think "Well I might as well just eat now as I have ruined it"....I can remember breaking a popular diet in the late 1990's and literally going on a binge for 2 weeks. I had not eaten carb for so long that once I was off the diet I was making up for lost time. I chose to stop that diet but I also then chose to keep eating! Had I just of had the slice of bread and got back to the diet then who knows what success I could, and would, have created.

Now I am not saying that the best thing to do isn't to just do a diet 100% properly as that is the quickest way to get slim but if you do "wobble" then just move on and going back to last week's newsletter...don't beat yourself up!

So, the next time you choose to break your diet then don't blow it...don't see it as an opportunity to just eat loads. Just accept you made a choice and then make a choice to keep going. It isn't a race to be slim....to me it is all about getting slim in a healthy, safe and controlled manner, and much more importantly, staying slim.

As always have an amazing week and talk Saturday!

Mike :)


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Hi Sunnydays
Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Angela's post says it all I think (what a great article!). It's great that you're getting right back on the diet horse today. Give yourself a pat on the back for that; it's really easy just to say that the whole thing's blown, but the difficult choice is getting back on track - good for you!

The first week is hard, but as you start to see the weight loss, it'll help with the motivation.

Keep smiling - and make sure you get as much suport as you need from here - We all need it!
T x


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wow, thanks angela for posting mikes post, really inspirational, never looked at a blip in that way, normally when I've fallen off the wagon, I've continued thinking I've ruined it all.... Now I understand, it's all about making choices, ahhhh bless, I hope that this post also uplifts you sunnydays. x


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Thankyou all, That article is really good! Could it possibly be made pinned* so all could read it?

I think thats definately the way to think about it, and actually the more I think about it, even if I would have eaten a salad last night, I would most like have felt the same this morning. thinking like that is not going to help me at all.

I think Im going to view doing SS like doing a detox= its not going to be for long, and it will be getting my body into good shape, inside and out.

I am already 'back on the wagon' as it were, I threw the rest of the pizza in the bin! and got stuck in with a spring clean this morning.

I know this diet produces great results, but I know you have to stick at it too.

Donjon, Your right! The more I dwell on it the more I WILL get depressed and feel less likely to start again! x

Dotti, I love your advice, and your weight loss is great, well done x

Thelma the CD adventurer, (I love that sig!) I WILL keep smiling! And getting back on that horse today is easier than tommorrow x

zpacey, It really is an uplifting article, glad it helps someone else too. x
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Sunnydays just to say thinking of you and glad you feel better now - Mike is a GOD and his newsletters always have the 'right' ways to think about food and him losing 12st was such an inspiration to know this diet works - same goes for KD aswell.

You hang in there girl its worth it xxx