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I feel so discriminated against!!


Slimming down the aisle
I'm angry. Really really angry!!! As some of you may know, I saw a job in topshop but wasn't sure whether to go for it or not, seeing as you get a clothing allowance for your uniform and they only go to a 16. But I decided to apply anyway, as I figured I could just go get clothes from Dorothy Perkins instead, they're the same company.

Anyway, I thought I'd have a look at the websites of all the Arcadia Group companies, see what my options are. And it's ridiculous, just ridiculous!!!! So, here are the stores...

Dorothy Perkins - sizes 6 to 22, so a fair range. Though I can hardly ever find a store that stocks up to 22, some will go up to 20, a lot I've been to are 16.

Evans - obviously a lot larger

Topshop - sizes 6 to 16, so doesn't go large really at all. To them a L is a 12/14.

But the one that REALLY gets me is Miss Selfridge which goes from a size 4 to 16, a 14 being seen as large.

So the UK average size for women is a 16, and that's all that most of these stores go up to. 16!! So those that are average are called large or extra large in these stores. So what hope is there for me at my current size?! But yet Miss Selfridge will go down to a size 4, like that's acceptable! A 4 is absolutely tiny and I would be seriously concerned about someone who was that size, in general, though I'm sure there are some people that small naturally, just really not very many. But yet that's ok but someone who is above average in the slightest can't buy their clothes. I've never been to try and buy clothes from these stores, never been able to.

Is Evans their way of trying to make up for it? Because in my opinion, it's really not. I tolerate Evans, I don't like it. I'm 22 years old and have been buying clothes in Evans for a while, I've never really liked most of it. I'm now at a point where I can find a few things I like in there, it's getting younger.

I just find it ridiculous that they manage to make so much of the population feel fat. Because if I didn't before, I certainly do now! Someone remind me at goal to never shop in these stores. If I'm not good enough for them now, they'll never be good enough for me. Apart from Dorothy Perkins!

Grrr. Sorry. Rant over.
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Going for Goal!
I completely agree Caro ! I don't blame you for your rant!
I too just about tolerate Evans, but by no means do I 'like' any of their clothes - they are quite frumpy.

It's a good insentive to loose though isn't it!!!

Hugs x x x


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It's a really good point, Caroline! Personally, I am too old for Topshop but you are not and it is so wrong that these stores don't cater for a massive proportion of the population!
I am a big fan of Wallis (but then, I am 36! Ha ha!), and they do a full range of sizes I think.
Definitely don't give those other stores any of your hard earned cash! In fact, when you get to goal - designer all the way, sweetie!! xx


is gonna do it!!
Er, I'm 35 and don't feel to old for top shop at All!!If it's good for Kate moss who's my age, it's good for me!!
I hate Evans and always have even at my biggest (size 26, shhhhh!), I avoided shopping there because of their extortionate prices and poorly fitting clothes. I made do with 2 - 3 pairs of the same jeans and a few t shirts :( . Do you think if Miss Selfridge and other shops got rid of the stupidly small sizes that people would put on weight to fit into normal ones?


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I'm 33 years old and lurrrrve Top Shop !!! always have done since i was a teen :D

Will carry on shopping there once ive shifted another stone or so am an 18 now and on the way to a 16 loool

Caroline..i hear ya...but there are plenty of other shops that stock larger sizes x


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I stand corrected! Maybe it's just cos Topshop clothes haven't fitted me since I was 18! Lol! xx


Going for Goal!
Caroline..i hear ya...but there are plenty of other shops that stock larger sizes x
Like? :confused::confused::confused:

I can only think of a few:
Evans (poorly fitting and expensive)
New Look Inspire (hippy and cheap - only last 5 mins bfore they go bobbly)
MK1 Chapter (cheap material, last 5 mins same as inspire)
Bon Marche (old granny style)
Dorothy perkins (size 22's if you're lucky)
Monsoon :)eek: shocking prices)


can see the end in sight!
I used to only get clothes from dotty p's and they served me well. I won't shop there now though, reminds me of bad times.

I LOVE topshop, can get into size 12 tops from there now which I love. Miss selfridge is great, and I have just purchased a shirt from urban outfitters in a 12 which was unthinkable before.

Caroline, you will be able to shop at those places soon, and look at it this way, you don't need to buy loads now as you will soon be in smaller sizes! If you don't want to shop there at goal, warehouse and oasis are good too.

Monsoon are extortionate!


Slimming down the aisle
There aren't that many other places that stock larger clothes. Primark mostly goes to an 18. New Look go to a 26 in some stores I think. Bon Marche, I'm too young for. Wallis, I think I'm too young for too. Dorothy Perkins if you find a store that goes to large sizes.

My point is, if there are so many stores that will cater for size 4-6, of which the majority of people aren't, why can't they cater for larger sizes too? I'm sick and tired of having to dress in clothes that aren't really designed for people my age. I'm 22 years old, but I haven't been able to dress my age for a while. If ever really.

I personally don't want to be giving my money to a store which tells people that a 14 is large or extra large, but condones a size 4. That's not something I believe in, it's not some I want my friends thinking and it sure as hell is not something I would ever want my kids thinking that way. Ever. I just don't think that's something that we as a society should be teaching someone.

If I was a size 4 or a size 6 I would be able to find clothes so much easier than if I'm size 20-22. I don't think it's fair that because I'm large I can't dress to the style or age I want. Yeah, I know it's my fault. I could use a range of excuses, like having an underactive thyroid, but those things have contributed to it, they're not an excuse in themselves. That's my fault, and I know that. And that's why I'm doing something about it. But that doesn't make the way these companies act any more acceptable.
It makes the blood boil, like you're not allowed to be whatever size you are even if it is just temporary and you're slowly but surely going down. Like they're trying to dictate our lives to us!


can see the end in sight!
But the companies aren't really responsible though are they? The average woman is a size 16 and that's what they go up to. Wearing nice clothes is the biggest incentive to lose weight and get healthy. That's my opinion.

You don't know how lucky you are! Growing up in Australia a size 18 was a nightmare. All shops went up to a 12 and anything over was the sole preserve of granny specialist shops. At one point I had to get clothes MADE for me or I lived in mens hoodies and stretch trousers. Awful. It's a tiny bit better now, some places go up to a 16, but very few. That's considered extra large.


Slimming down the aisle
Sure the companies are responsible, in my opinion. It's up to them to decide what sizes they stock, and what sizes they therefore suggest as 'acceptable'. They only go up to the average, but go well well below it. Is a size 4 really healthy for most people? No. I would think it's less healthy than an 18 or 20 for most people.
George asda do big sizes too

Thing is and I know this won't be popular, I think Evans have lots to answer for up to size 32 is it? Kind of in a way saying being that big is ok.... When it really isn't

I don't feel there should be a huge choice of large size shops it runs a veil over the problem of obesity and makes it seem ok to a young woman that being a size 24 is ok, and it ain't

We're all here to get thinner and within a healthy bmi and to me personally when I put on weight after packing in smoking I was Evans shopper hated it but all my own fault my problem why should all shops cater for unhealthysizes?


can see the end in sight!
an unpopular opinion mrs Essex but one I agree with!

I think if shops went up to an 18 it would be a good balance.
I completely agree with you Caroline shops seem to think coz your big you have no fashion sense hello??? Ive always taken care in my appearance even at my biggest and I have lost count of the amount of shopping trips I have returned from in tears!!!
However now I have lost a pound or two lol, I cant stop buying clothes and the very frustrating thing I now find is that they seem to have all the bigger sizes (which I once was) but not the smaller ones which sounds crazy but its true!!!! Keep up the hard work ladies and you will all be able to shop wherever your heart desires xxx


Slimming down the aisle
I don't think every shop should cater for unhealthy sizes, but I think there should be more of a choice than there is. Evans is the only shop that I know of that does to that size. Not everying should stock a 4 to 32, but I just think there should be more of a choice. If I was a 4 or 6 I would have no problem finding clothes on the high street.

If shops shouldn't cater for a 24, they shouldn't cater for a 4 or 6 either.

Maybe me being a size 24 wasn't right, but at the end of the day, I was. These clothes stores don't give a damn whether I'm healthy or not, as long as I hand my money over. They're interest isn't in my well being, it's in profit and growth. Just because I was large doesn't mean that I don't have the right to wear nice clothes, to feel comfortable in the clothes that I wear, to feel that I'm actually worth something. But when I can't wear anything from the majority of stores people my age shop in, when I can't find anything I like in sizes that do fit, when I have to wear clothes that make me feel even more fat and ugly than I already do and are designed for people who were twice my age, I don't think that's ok. I don't think that someone should have to go through their teenage years feeling like that. Yeah, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I should have done something about it sooner. But it was hard, I tried, many times, but always failed. I've never really had the support of those around me until I did this. I've always thought I'd fail at everything, so gave up even trying. But regardless, that was the situation, I was that size. Now I'm doing something about it, and it's working. But that doesn't change the past. And I don't think that it makes it all ok.


can see the end in sight!
I love the leather jacket and the sequined tunic in purple, fab!