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I Feel So Fed Up Today.


Laugh in the face of food
I'm very confused about this diet! I'm sticking to it 100%, I'm in ketosis all the time (I'm obsessed with Ketostix) but when I've been on the scales just now I've actually put on weight!! It's not my TOTM or anything, I haven't done anything different to any other week. I'm so mad:mad:, cos it makes me wonder what the hell I'm putting myself through all this for!! I know deep down that it will even itself out and that I had a huge loss last week. I wasn't expecting that again, but I wasn't expecting to put on weight. I feel like I may as well have cheated, then at least I'd deserve to gain. :sigh:Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhh hhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I realise that the scales are not the be alland end all, so I dug out my tape measure. My measurements are exactly the same as they were 2 weeks ago when I came back from my holiday:mad:. What is going on with my body??? I look slimmer all of a sudden, so what's going on ???

I feel so fed up:cry: and I'm sulking big time, can I lose before my weigh in on Monday? At this rate I doubt it. I know I'm sounding really whingey, but I feel really rubbish for the first time since I started the diet.:cry:
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please try again
do your scales match up to your cdc's though?
ive had times where going by my scales ive sts but on cdc's scales ive lost a few pounds
please dont be down, you know on such low cals theres no way you can realistically gain weight so it could be water retention


Must do it this time
Hun you should never weigh yourself in the evening time,if you drink a litre of water it ups your weight by 2.2lbs.
Weigh yourself 1st thing in the morning and i bet you have a loss,theres no way you have put on with sticking to cd 100%,im a serial weigher and believe me i know all about the scales and there nasty tricks,so chin up and try again in the morning,
elaine x


Laugh in the face of food
I know what you're saying is right, but I still can't help feeling this way:cry:. I always weigh myself in the evening (my weigh ins are also in the evening). My scales weigh me 2lbs lighter than my CDC's so I always add on the 2lbs. I'm scared to go to weigh in on Monday:hide:.

I guess the truth is I've failed at every other diet I've tried and I'm so scared that this one is going to stop working for me too. Because I so desperately want to be thin again. Especially now that I've had a taste of success. :confused:


Must do it this time
I feel where your coming from hun i really do,i too have failed at every other diet and at my heaviest 19st 4lbs felt like a total freak.
You are just having a very bad off day but you know what the support on here is 2nd to none hun,look how amazing you have done so far,you have lost lost 56lbs thats no mean feat,your obviously doing something right.
Please stay strong hun and i promise you tomorrow is a new day and you will feel loads better,
keep posting and drink drink drink to make you shrink shrink shrink,
elaine x


Silver Member
Hi hun, hope you don't mind me posting, I am on lipotrim not CD. Please try not to panic and let the scales stop you from believing in yourself and the diet.

The diet won't stop working, the science behind it means it will work for you just the same as for everybody else! Remember tho the promise if you 100% is a stone a month. It is hard not to think from week to week, but at a time like this you really need to think BIG PICTURE.

I would stop weighing yourself at least until Monday, and go to your Weigh In. I think it is unlikely that you will have put on, but you must discuss this with your CDC, she isn't only there for the good weeks.

Don't mean to sound naggy and it is really good that you are posting how you are feeling, but when you are doing so well it would be a real shame if your head sent you off plan.

Take care x


Laugh in the face of food
I'm not going to come off the plan. I'm on this til Christmas one way or another. So whatever happens between now and then, I'm staying strong and not giving up. It's the first time I've started to doubt myself and it scared me a bit. I really appreciate everyone's kind words and support. It's good to have the reassurance that the diet is working, it's just playing games with my mind right now.
just keep thinking of christmas and that nice dress that your going to buy

and all of those nice strappy tops

but your not alone in this diet world, i bet a lot of us have felt like that.

i struggled at the beginning of the week, but now i'm on cloud 9 or it could be k land


Laugh in the face of food
:sick:I woke up this morning with a stinking cold, which will most definitely account for me feeling crappy yesterday. Am avoiding the scales until my weigh in tomorrow, right now I'm just going to go out for a walk and get some fresh air and hopefully blow this cold away too.:gen125:
aww you poor thing - hope you are feeling better soon - glad to hear you are avoiding the scales! They are lethal sometimes! Just wait until your weigh in and I am sure you will be fine! x


Laugh in the face of food
Hi guys, thanks for your support and wishes. I'm not taking too well to having cold :sick:(can't remember the last time I had one). I'm feeling a bit pathetic, infact I'm diagnosing myself with 'Manflu'. I've come to my Mum and Dads for sympathy. I went out for a walk and feel better for it, but now I'm slumped on M&D's sofa :psiholog:feeling grot again. (I never get ill so this is a major deal for me - I sympathise with men and their 'manflu'- shh don't let them hear that tho.)

I'll see what tomorrow brings on the 'big' scales. But I'm in too deep now to give up!


Wants to shed pounds more
Surf hunny I know how that feels. I limit myself to weighing once a day. My cdc's scales and mine are different by about 10lbs - as long as I'm losing on both, Im ok


Laugh in the face of food
My Scales Lie!!!

I've just got in from my dreaded weigh in and guess what - my scales lie. I have actually lost 5lbs this week, not gained like they said. So now I'm binning them, and learning to have a little bit more faith in the diet!!!!:D
thats brilliant news it can get you totally obsessed but ive found whatever i think ive done on my scales is always the opposite to my cdcs scales, youve got the right idea bin the scales and praise yourself everyday for sticking to the diet...thats the success regardless of what the scales say. Well done!
Yay! wd hun, hope you feel better soon xx

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