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i feel so miserable...

Hi guys
Im on my 3rd wk now and it seems to me to b gettin worse. every day im gettin more and more miserable and irritable with those around me cuz i cant eat. i keep thinkin bout my goal but 7 months feels like 7 yrs and really not sure if i can stick at it. mayb id b better on WW?. Sorry for my little moan :cry:
dont know how u guys r stickin to it!!

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hi gemma

sorry you are not feeling good. I think we all have bad days. Do you think you are drinking enough water, I know it seems a lot to drink and I find it very difficult but it seems to help.
I suppose this kind of diet is not right for everyone, I find it suits me OK. I would suggest you try and give it another week maybe and then see how you feel. I think the longer you are on it the easier it gets. But if its not right for you there are lots of other ones you can try. Good luck :)
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Is there a CD counsellor near you? Unlike LT, CD does several different plans some incorporating food but which still give good results.

If not, many people find the mainstream slimming clubs very effective.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Hi Gemma,

I agree with Daisy. Try to give it another week and if u are still miserable mayb try something different like Russiandoll's suggestion.

Try to distract urself with a new hobby to get u away from thinking about food. I've bought a manicure set and paying loads of attention on trying to get perfect nails.

7 Months seems like along time. I've 5 stone to lose so I'll be here for quite a long time too. Perhaps if you break it up a little.....
What I do is set myself mini goals and treat myself to a little [non food related] reward when I reach them. So far my goals are for every time I drop to a 'new stone' - manicure set was reward for reaching the 14's. I have also set big reward of a holiday for when I reach my goal weight.

Also I really focus on my next weigh in as opposed to the grand finale. Try not to think of Lipotrim as a sentence but as a way of achieving ur goal.

But don't entertain breaking it as u'll undo all of ur fantastic work. Hope u're feeling a little better.


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Hey, I think your just going throught that phase, when you start to think about how long its going to be and start feeling a bit depressed. It does pass, so stick to it,and you will feel better withinn no time.
hi Gemma,
really really feel for you.....i wizzed through the first week in excitement so that was good - and then of course the great loss at the end of the week was brill! then for the next 5 weeks i REALLY struggled especially day 5 and 6 of each week - the last day was easier to me because the weigh in was tomorrow and not far away! i ate once and it wasn't worth it - i know everyone says it but it's true because then when i got to weigh in i couldn't help but feel crappy about myself! on weigh day after week 4 i had a big moan to my pharmasist who instructed me to go and get a cross stitch kit to keep me occupied - it worked pretty well!
then week 6 and now this week, week 7 for me, it has got really easy - honestly!
i am less irritable, not food obsessed, less tired but sleeping really well at night and drinking the water seems easier too!
week 6 probably seems like forever awat to you but it really isnt and it might not even take that long for you to get to this point but when you do its a weight off you!
hope this helps, the results of this diet can really pep you up - at the moment i am finding my knickers are comedy knickers.....because i have less width they are coming right up to under my boobs (well some of them), a daily reminder of how far ive come and in only a few weeks!
you will be so so so proud of yourself if you get through it....not many people could do this its tough but equally living everyday overweight is tough too!
thank u for all ur replies...its so nice to know that im gettin loadsa support. that sounds like a gd idea fran bout the stitchin i mite give that a go n see wot happens. i def wont give up that easily. i now realise that the loss of weight n me bein healthy is far more imp than food!! thanks again everyone!
I real feel for you Gemma. Lipotrim is the toughest diet to go on but in some ways it is the easiest as well as the rules are very clear. When I first went on lipotrim I decided to do it for 10 weeks which to me was a massive commitment. I started lipotrim just as I was going through some family problems and I really struggled not eating as I was a comfort eater and felt thoroughly miserable.

I persisted with it as I could see the weight coming off and as I was coming up to the end of week 4 the craving for food started to subside. By week 5 I didnt miss food at all and felt the simplicity of the diet made life very easy.

I am on lipotrim for the second time and I am coming to the end of my 3rd week and I will be honest I feel terrible, I am craving food more than ever and I am miserable as once again issues in my personal life are making me want to eat. I am not willing for this mood to beat me off lipotrim as I know it works last time I was on it I lost 5st in 10 weeks.

Having read what you have put I personally feel you will fight through this and beat the miserable feeling as to have survived the first few weeks is the hardest part and you have beaten that so I think you can beat this. An alternative is possibly to break up the 7 months into 6 week bite sized chunks (sorry I know that isnt the best phrase to use) and have maybe 3 weeks rest in between each 6 week period. I know what ever you decide you will lose the weight as the will to suceed is so strong you stopped eating and started lipotrim.

Deb G

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Week 3 on LL I barely left the sofa - I felt tired and miserable. However, it only lasted a few days and I soon picked up. Hopefully you will too! On LL the counselling and group support helps - so maybe you could switch or go to CD so youhave more support?
It will pass and just keep in the front of your mind your goal and what it means to you to loose this weight quickly , you be able to see and feel the difference already cos you have done brilliantly .
keep up the good work and the results are fantastic xxx


Back on the wagon!
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Great to see you back......best of luck SSing...how have the first few days been????