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I feel so spoilt for choice!

I've done lipotrim for 8 weeks, then for various reasons (mainly location) have swapped onto CD SS. This week I'm mixing the products because I had some LT to use up, but I'm totally spoilt for choice over the CD flavours!!

My favourite LT flavour was hot mint choc (choc mixed with hot peppermint tea) so unsurprisingly I love the CD mint choc. The toffee and walnut is also gorgeous, butterscotch nice (but not gorgeous as the others!), and the orange choc is divine hot. The chicken and mushroom soup was ok, but I definitely prefer the sweeter ones. The porridges are heaven!

I have clearly been food deprived for too long if I am enjoying these so much!
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Lol... having tried the Lipotrim products in the past I'm much more impressed with the CD products so far. Chicken & Mushroom soup is good (once you accept it's more like cup-a-soup than Knorr Cream of Chicken ;)).

I love the Choc but haven't tried the mint or orange ones yet; sounds like they could be worth a try! The vanilla I mix with coffee as I hate vanilla flavours but love having a "latte" in the morning. Have porridge to try but haven't been brave enough yet; it's getting good reviews though and the idea of having a "proper" breakfast is nice :)


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I love the variety of cambridge products too. There are so many flavours to choose from which is great. :D
OMG.. just made the choc with peppermint tea! Absolutely delicious!!! Think I might stick to making it with tea rather than getting the mint sachets though as with the tea I can make it up to 400mls (I have a huge mug!) without it feeling "thin".

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I also make all my shakes up to between 400-500mls and have to say the CD ones don't seem to be 'thin'. I do find the CD choc mint mintier than I could ever get my peppermint tea (and I used to use 2 bags) so may be worth trying just once! It's so nice to be able to have something hot 3 times a day when the weather is so vile!


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I totally agree. I did LT twice and only like the chocolate and it was killing me having choc 3 x a day even if I made it into mint, or cinnamon

Cambridge is soooooooooooo much better as I like all the soups except mushroom and 5 shakes.