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I fell off and now im back

S: 30st0lb G: 18st8lb
Hi all!!

Well what can i say.. I started lipotrim.. and ten days later.. I found myself eating.. I thought i would log this here.. just in case someone finds them in my situation. I think its best to show this in bullet points.

- I began, remained cheat free for 7 days, with the new found enthusiasm I also started swimming 2 hours a day. This meant I was hungry. As i would swim before my shake and it would be around 1-2pm in the day.

- I would then think if i ate pure protein.. ie grilled chicken i would remain in keytosis.

- I would drink water in big sessions, rather than drinking throughout the day.. this meant the kidneys would just flush that excess water straight out.

- I wasn't making my shake in the morning.. ie there was no discipline.. no structure..

- With time on my hand, I would read journals about why VLCD's are a bad idea. from things like you lose more muscle vs fat. Issues with Liver, Brain not receiving right energy, lining round heart becomes damaged.

- looked at the traditional method.. exercise and eating right.. and thinking that's the best way.

- i tried that.. didnt go gym and ate crap.. story of my life..

- I'm one of those people who wants to find the most efficient way of doing something. This makes me wonder.. some ppl women aswell as men post some consistent large losses (6lbs+/wk), whereas others are around (3lbs). I realise the larger you are the more you will lose but this doesnt hold true.. I think we should get these guys to write a sample day of how they maintain this program.

I hope someone reads this and learns something.. or better educates me as to how best to approach issues like timings, exercise, etc and most importantly WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED!!

Thanks for reading.. stay strong :flirt2:
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I'm about to start wk 3 of Lipotrim. I have not been 100% but am plodding on. I also find I get a little despondent when I read other people's losses but I have to be realistic and true to myself at the end of the day. I know how much I have to lose and I also know that if I do stick to the rules I will lose the weight a lot quicker than when I cheat.
Wishing you the very best with your journey:p
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hi fat brit. does this mean your adding yourself to the june challenge as i know you didnt complete the may one. its not too late to put your name on there if you havent already.

well done on coming back. you know in your heart of hearts that you will be better off in the end. its not for that long. for me its 3 months out of my nearly 30 years of life. and i have probably added 20 years just by doing this.

keep going and find a routine. i lose more weight when i go to bed at 10 and up at 8. 3ltrs water a day, but throughout the day to stop hunger. dont leave shakes too long. the longer you leave them the hungrier you are and you will just want to grab the nearest thing.

have faith in yourself

good luck:D:D:D



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Dont drink too much fluids! I realised this too... it flushes out the essential electrolytes and makes you crave. I was drinking nearly 4l of water on top of my usual coffees........... therefore prob nearer 5-5.5l. I am now trying to ensure I drink 4l but any teas or coffees I am measuring back out of my water bottle... Definately get enough sleep..... I am heading into bed early and re-watching Stargate until I nod off. And defo dont go out in the morning without a shake if you are going to be out for any length of time. If I am doing the school run, I dont worry but if I am going out straight after I make up my shake and take it in a cool cup and sip thru the journey.

Ive had a rough week or so and have fallen off a bit but I am hoping I am back on plan now!!

Good luck on your journey!
S: 30st0lb G: 18st8lb
Hey Friends!!

Thanks for your kind words.. they are a real motivation!!

Kerry - I will join the June challenge!! Put us down for 20lb please!!

Helen - Yesterday I felt like cheating and I said to myself.. have a glass of water.. and wait 20 minutes.. I then stuck on a movie to keep my mind occupied.. so i guess importance is build in your mind mechanisms.. ask yourself multiple times.. do i really want this.. these bits of food.. will they make a difference... how guilty will i feel.. have a list of questions and go through them.. make sure you do each time..

T - Water is a tough one.. it feels like a chore and i hate the constant loo trips!! last night at 4am i had to go..tsk tsk.. i need to get upto 3l/day. I find if i do an activity I want to drink.. but not doing much.. i dont feel like drinking... ive now begun drinking sparkling water.. give it a go.. tis funky!!

Keep up the good work.. lets join the June challenge!!
So key is sleep !! drink lots!!
S: 18st12lb C: 18st12lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 39 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi fat brit. just wondering how your getting on. hope your well.:D:D:D

S: 30st0lb G: 18st8lb
Going strong.. cheat free 4days!! starting of was a bit difficult.. still not drinking shakes on time.. drinking loads of water.. over 3l!!

how you getting on? o n btw HOW DID YOU GET THROUGH FIRST MONTH!!

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