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I fell off the wagon BIG TIME (food mentioned)


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I had a bbq at my house yesterday with about 20 guests.

I didn't have any of my cambridge packs and ate

A hot dog in a bun with onions
A chicken leg
A chicken wing
A burger in a bun with onions

And had half a bottle of pimms and a bottle and a half of pink cava all to myself

I was quite drunk

And so then... I had a piece of coconut and lime cake

My tummy is absolutely killing me today.

I am back on SS and am glugging down the water. According to my scales I put on 1lb so I hope to at least get rid of that by Thursday.

And amazingly, I don't feel too bad about it all. I had a nice time with my friends and enjoyed the day. However the sore tummy is enough to put me off doing it again!

Line drawn. Start again.
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Please kick my butt!!
good luck getting back on track. xoxox
Nope don't get upset about it hun ( Life's to short) i hope you had fun with your friends and carry on with the water intake today.!

Im sure it was a one off.! lol x


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I have more friends coming next weekend, and family the weekend after. But the way my tum feels today really is enough to put me off doing it again. It was definitely a one off and I am straight back to SS today.

Sometimes you need to fall off the wagon to realise how it makes you feel and put you off doing it again I think.

It was a stupid thing to do, especially as I have such a tight deadline to meet to lose the weight for fertility treatment. But I have learned my lesson.
Hey hon, don't worry, we are all human and it happens. You have done so well and cometimes it takes a blow out to re- evaluate your goals and reasons for dieting to get the motivation to continue. In the past if I ate I would think 'sod it' and keep eating for days (a real yoyo) BUT this time around I have managed to eat and get straight back onto SS the next day and it has made all the difference and is definitely changing my relationship with food!

You'll be fine xx


Serial Dieter!
Glad to see that you're not berating yourself for it....

I notice that you're sat next to me on said wagon!!!

Good on ya girl for having realistic expectations of yourself!


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Shift up Ali, my bum is bigger than yours, I need more space on this there wagon :D


Recovering Foodaholic
Well done for getting back on the wagon, Guru. From my experience on holiday- the bread gave me such a sore tummy- I was fine with the meat! It might predominantly that that's making your tummy sore (we won't mention the pimms...) Anyway, no regrets, you enjoyed yourself and you're back in control. Even when we get to goal we have days like that- I like to think of it as 'damage limitation' Have a blow out- then get back on it straight away. That's what we're learning on this massive journey x


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You're right BP. In the past this would've been the end of a diet for me. I'd think "I obviously can't stick to it, what's the point now" and give up.

This time I am determined. Yes it was stupid, but it is done now and I still HAVE to get to goal in order to get my fertility treatment so I can't give up.

I had four guests still here this morning and managed to feed them croissants, brioche, cheese, ham, fruit and jams and had my tetra and black coffee myself. I actually felt quite smug. I also sent them all home with bags full of left over cakes and bread so that they wouldn't be in the house.
I think you were pretty reserved! So well done, especially with the breakfast and giving away all the food. I have felt crappy the day, but sometimes it is worth it to have a little break.
Sounds like you're in the right frame of mind to get back on track and you have a great focus in the fertility treatment.
Main thing is your talking about it :) writing things down albeit typing on a forum..same thing :D is good for the soul!

Usually with us bigger eaters we forget we've eaten such & such and onto the next thing... very good you've got it off ya chest..shows an improvement hey!

Ive just nibbled a bit of smoked bacon for roast dinner for everyone else not me lol..but dont feel bad :) it wont kill me lol
I am sure that I will inevitably slip up- I always do, but I will it approach it with your positive attitude Guru. Good Luck getting right back on course.
you got on with it again thats all that matters you are human we all blip

i had had many bad days last week i went to football for the day and eat a lot of rubbish didnt weigh myself got on with it next few days again and am lighter than was originally.. i know this is a life long thing so we will all have bad days


looking to make a change!
Dont beat yourself up over it hun draw a line under it and start a fresh today! by the sounds of it your back on track nicely x


Skinny girl in a fat body
And amazingly, I don't feel too bad about it all. I had a nice time with my friends and enjoyed the day. Line drawn. Start again.
That's the kind of attitude I like.

I went out last night and had a few drinks and a couple of chips with garlic at the end of the night. Got up today with all good intentions and lasted until 3.00 p.m. when I went to the beach and had fish and chips and ice cream:wave_cry:. Still, like you I enjoyed them and like you, line drawn and start again tomorrow. Good luck
Just a little reminder for those who read this thread that drinking alcohol whilst in ketosis isn't a good idea.


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Thanks guys! I am glugging the water so I hope that helps.

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