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I finally got my leg over!!!!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Well, after days of looking at the exercise bike sitting in my living room, I finally got up the courage to see if I could sit on it without total carnage!!
It creaked abit as I stood astride and slowly lowered my ample bum onto the seat.
The bike held firm even tho' I am 2 st heavier than recommended!
So, all of you who told me to "get on ya bike!" will be pleased to know that you will not be receiving letters from my solicitor, sueing you!!!
P.s. I have now notched up 3.5 miles and my legs are killing me!
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Big, busty and Blowsy!
Pps if you read this expecting something rude, shame on you!
Your title made me laugh ....

.... and recall days long gone by ! :(

My ex-partner once told our friends down the pub, never again after he scorched his bum on the lightbulb. Charming ! I did actually find it quite funny and we are still good friends. :D

As for the bike, I got mine out yesterday. It was a work-out just moving stuff in the garage to get at it ! It is set up there and I have had two sessions and try to keep in time with the washing machine when it's going. I'm lucky enough to have a nice view to look at while I'm peddling away but Daisy the Rescue Dog sits with her head on one side looking at me as if I'm nuts ! Smart girl :eek:


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Well done you!!! Congratulations on getting your leg over LOL

I know exactly how you feel though. I bought myself an exercise bike a couple of months ago to the crys of my other half 'you'll never use it!' but I have. I usually but a track on by Avenged Sevenfold called The beast and the harlot.. it's a really pumping rock song and lasts exactly 5 minutes, so I pedal like ******* along to it LOL. I put Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills on after that but I've only ever got half way through it. May aim, to pedal through Avenged Sevenfold, then Maiden and then Paradise City by Guns n' Roses. :D

Keep up the good work :D
Congratulations mate!

So glad there have been no mishaps as I would have felt bad!!!!

3.5 miles for your first go is heroic! Why don't you work out the miles to a place you would like to visit and see how long it takes you to 'cycle' there. e.g.Norwich to Edinburgh is 350 miles- aim to get there by summer???? You can then say you cycled the equivalent!

Well done again



Big, busty and Blowsy!
Good idea, cocktailprincess!!!!!
I think I will start off slowly, and aim for somewhere local, but...... I would really love to go see the Northern Lights!
Maybe if I turn off the lights and look out the window at night, I could "go" there!
:8855::8855::8855: I really was expecting you to say you had an eventful Friday evening then!! lmao Shame on me :rolleyes:

Good for you though :D:D
OMG when i read that title you dont wanna know what went through my mind haha.

Congrats on the bike when i read your previous post i knew you would be alright ..... well hopefully.

Good luck with the rest of your weight loss and cycle loads


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