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I GOT INTO MY NEW DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WILL be Slim!
after feeling fat for the past 3 days, and pretty much putting myself down a lot....this has now all totally changed thanks to a dress!

Some of you know i bought a Principles dress in a size 14 as a motivator to get me to August...and the bloomin thing only fits doesnt it!!!!!! :D:D:D

and on top of that, i have just bought myself a pair of DKNY slimleg jeans from TK Maxx...size 14, and they fit beautifully!

I also bought a pair of CK jeans size 14 but they dont fit yet so they have to go in my wardrobe until they do (the were £9....i couldnt not buy them!!!)

ANd.....i've still not smoked so thats 24 hours off those nasty little blighters :)

Today is turning out to be a really good day!
Sorry for being so dishearted in my weigh in post....the scales shouldnt always be the motivator...i say that to loads of people....wish i listened to my own advice sometimes!!!!!!

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Congratulations Lizz on getting into your new dress and also for not smoking in the last 24 hours!!!:happy096:

Both are wonderful achievements!!!


Love Mini xxx


can see the end in sight!
congratulations!! Well done! Pics of you in the new dress please! I'll do the same when mine arrives, we can be size 14 dress ladies together!


WILL be Slim!
my dh did take some photo's while i took a momentary pause from leaping round the house screaming!!!!!
Will get them uploaded later on hopefully....along with before ones too if i can work out how to do it! ;)
Cant wait to see you in your dress too hun....loved it!!!:)


can see the end in sight!
can't wait to see them! Although I am going to have to shave my legs before I post pics, got some serious winter growth going on below the knee! I bet you look gorgeous, I'm so pleased for you. I personally think dropping sizes is more satisfying than seeing a big loss on the scales x
Thats great Liz, bet you feel fab! Glad to hear you're feeling up again x
a huge well done....

I can't wait to go shopping for some lovely dresses....

Just need some invites now!

You have done really well, and I bet you look gorgeous, when do we see the pics??



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Congrats Lizz...

14 Skinny Legs sound good!

Sometimes, what we think are going to be the worst days often turn out to be the best.

This is great inspiration to keep doing what you're doing as it's obviously a roaring success! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Cambridge Consultant
Well done Lizz your doing fab... and you look great in your dress... Looking forward to seeing pics of your jeans.. You must be over the moon, and so you should be..
Well done xx
Well done what a great day you have had and congratulations on sticking off the smokes is doubly hard coz you cant comfort eat xxx


WILL be Slim!
Thats why i chose to do it now....ketosis is stopping me from being "hungry" so its just a case of getting over the cravings, and it means i wont put on any weight from quitting! Bliss! :)

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