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i got into the size 8 dress!!!! i had this dress in an 18 once!

hey everyone.. just wanted to share a pic with you..

i found this dress in the sale and couldnt believe it when it was the only one there and a size 8...i had to try it on.. it fitted.. i owned a size 18 version on this dress just under a year ago and it was tight when i first brought it i cant believe the size 8 version fitted me... after ive had my body lift i reckon id be able to get into size 6 and that will be fine for me... ill be happy with that.. yup you can see loose skin on my arms and excuse my boxing handwraps im wearing i was on way to boxing but wasted time in the shops first lol.. i wouldnt actually wear them with the dress...

size 8 dress ^^^

size 18 dress ^^^

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OMG thats amazing whoop whoop xxx


Staff member
You look amazing PP, well done:happy096:
thanks everyone x


Violet is shrinking
You really a inspiration!!!

im actually hoping to follow in your footsteps,its going to be hard i know but i know i can do this..how long has it took you to loose all the weight? i wanted to ask about the skin as some people have said theres in parts just went :confused:

you looking amazing btw!!!! :D
my loose skin just gets worse i have it everywhere u can imagine and a few places u cant... but id rather have this loose skin then the fat that was once there... if you loose a little weight id say under 5 stone its possible it shrinks back in a few years ect but i dont think my skin will shrink much after 16 stone loss in total.. xx

thanks everyone xx
OMG!!! You have lost 16 stone, totally amazing. You still want to lose more?
Totally awesome and a real inspiration to everyone.
That dress must have been waiting for you!


Taking the Scenic Route..
Wow hun you look gorgeous!!!
You should be soooo proud of yourself!! Cant wait untill i can say the same :rolleyes:

You are amazing and look stunning. I'm with you on the loose skin, when I'm done I'd have lost 15st 7lbs (lost 9st so far) and my skin if horrid. I'm 36 in a couple of weeks and been overweight my whole life so there is no way any of it will spring back. Like you I will be going down the surgery route - arms and boobs first. Good luck Hun you deserve to have the body you want after all your hard work xx
hun i dont believe its you. i bet you are very chuffed with yourself!!!
well done. you are an amazing person.
You look fantastic!!! You must be grinning from ear to ear - lovely dress too!
Wow that is an amazing transformation! You look gorgeous! All your hard work has paid off :) xx

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