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i got the iPhone minimins app


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Lol I got it too Kirsty, great but difficult to read sometimes!
I noticed they had it for the iPad the other day but I have no problems with looking at it normally on here ( on iPad at the mo) but will definitely get it for my iPhone. Thanks for letting us know.
Lol me too- do u have the little number in the corner of the icon? What does it mean? And how do u get rid of it? Do u no? X


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lol whats the iphone APPS ???
I have it too! It's fab!
The little number on the icon is to do with the subscribed threads, if you've added to a thread or subscribed to it, when there is a post you haven't read it tells you. The number is how many threads there are with unread posts.xx


please try again
stupid years old phone grrrrrrrr

i cant get anything on my phone :(
How cool is this... can't wait to give it go. MinnieMel


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I got it and deleted it!

Didn't like it cos didn't look the same haha

I just go on the forum on my iPhone it's easier I think!!
One day when I grow up :p I'd like an Iphone and when I get an Iphone I'll definitely get the App! ;)


Slowly but surely x
if im having a meltdown when out walking the dog and am about to take a bite out of a tree from starvation, I can always rely on my minimins app for support - LOVE IT!
Thanks pink- so when I read those threads the number will go? Right?
Bite of a tree lol!!


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please please if you are gonna reply while doing your business, dont tell us! lol hehehe
ive got the android app... so it will be good to compare what its like!!!!

does this mean we are gonna see you on here more????? hehehe


Slowly but surely x
probably kes ;)

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