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I had 4 shakes what now lol


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I felt like eating today and was feeling very week willed, so I had my 3rd shake quite early about 6pm. My last one is normally 11pm. I dont know how I got through the day but I thought I deserved my usual 11pm shake so I had it. I didnt want to blow it big time. I havent heard of anyone being this greedy with shakes before am I unusual lol I thought it would be better than a binge. I certainly hope it wont affect my last week on tfr. Worried about refeed though the greedy girl is still in me telling me to be bad. I wish I could knock her out whilst I concentrate on my LT journey.:eek:
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Morning, i'm not sure how 4 will effect but even though the greedy demon is still there you thought through it and decidided to have a shake instead of a full on binge which is a improvement hun, my greedy demon still lives on too.....Good luck for today i'm sure you'll have a weight loss just beally try to keep on track x


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I suffer from hungry days too but find if I keep drinking the water (whether I want it or not) it helps. I also find leaving the house and going for a walk, ironing (yes ironing lol) or baking helps. Can't figure out the baking bit but now I found when I bake I feel I've eaten it.......never baked before Lipo. Family don't know what has hit them.

Also try the peppermint 3. Put yesterday behind you and stick to your 3 shakes no matter what from now on.
hi i have started baking cakes for my kids, so i get what u mean about baking!! lol. i wouldnt worry about the extra shake as its much better than a binge! if u have a hungry day why not try splitting the last shake and having it at 7 and 11?? i have done this and it made me feel less hungry. good luck to you xxxxx


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Thanks moonlight its strange how somedays are better than others. Im more positive about today just having my first shake now so should be spaced out nicely today. xx:):)


Getting thinner everyday!
don't worry about the 4 shakes.

It's not recommended of course but....

Last week for the first time on this diet, I deviated a bit and had 4 shakes as I was starving and nearly cracked. I made the same decision as you that it would be better to have an extra shake and 100 or so more calories than to have food.

I lost 5lbs.

And also there is no way anyone could describe you as greedy. 4 shakes definately doesn't constitue greed in my book. That is still only over 500 calories and leaves a huge calorie gap of 1500.

Do yourself a huge favour and reclassify yourself in your own mind as a reasoned eater. ;)



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Well before it might have been biscuits, crisps, etc etc, at least you chose well by having an extra shake. I cant see it affecting you at all.

Best to just forget about it and back to your normal 3 today.


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Hi bekki
Thank you for your support. I have sometimes split the shakes but I think yesterday I was avoiding a disaster. Im so glad I got through it. Feeling fine today, have a good day. xx:):)


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Thanks Alex. So pleased you still lost 5lb thats amazing. I think it was the right decision to have an extra shake I suppose. I am back to 3 shakes now and feeling fine today. xx:)


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Hi kered thanks for your support
You are so right,I think I could of well lost it yesterday and so glad I stopped myself. I really struggled with what to do and usually would have raided the cupboards before I could talk myself out of it. Its strange how I feel today I feel strong, and yesterday was a long hard day. This site is invaluable xx:):)


Here we go again!
I don't think having that 4th shake will make any difference either. If anything I think it showed a really positive change in your thinking about food. I think it was an excellent decision to have a fourth rather than a pig out! I think you were really strong and should be congratulated for it.

I'm not saying do it all the time but I think you've made a huge leap in your thinking about food. Good for you I say!


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Hi minib.
What a way to look at it. Your comments have made me feel so much better. I am now feeling proud of myself, in that situation I would normally of binged. Pat on the back for me then. LOL xxx:) I shouldn't be bragging im sure I will get tempted again. Aghhh no-one said it will be easy. xxx
You certainly should be proud of yourself, binger. Just think what you may have done in the past.....!! Hopefully the hunger pangs will leave you alone from now on.....
Well done for not reaching for the crisps!! Im sure 1 extra pack wont do you any harm! GOOD LUCK!! X

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