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I had Laser eye surgery last Thursday!!

Hi all

Just thought I would share that with you :flirt2:

I have wanted my eyes done for so long but was too scared to go for it.

Having 2 weeks off work I thought it would be the best time to go for it.

It was a weird thing the actual surgery and my eyes are a little dry, I really want to rub them but you can't touch your eyes for a couple of weeks. My left eye I would say has perfect vision but the right is very slightly blurred. This is normal, my vision will fluctuate for a few months.

I love it though, no gigs! xx:party0011:
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When my mum had it done she said that for the first time in years she could see that grass had blades and didn't come in a block.

Coincidentally, yesterday I bumped into a friend who had it done 4 weeks ago. She said it is the best thing she has ever had done. She can read the smallest print and is thrilled with the results.
The drops i am using are called Blink-intensive tears.

I believe that if you are over 40 then things are a little different, not sure how as I didn't read much into it, eyes deteriorate more after 40. There is a risk that i could need reading glasses at some point but that would not bother me as much as wearing them all the time.


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Want this so badly!!!

Need my prescription to stabilise first though :( I've heard it has to be stable for 3 years before you can have the surgery. My eyes have steadily got worse since I've been working with computers - I'm hoping they're going to get better once I start teaching!


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Oh I am so jealous! (pleased for you of course!) I'd love to have mine done. I have spoken to someone about it but I'll ask my optician if she thinks I am suitable.
I had mine done a few years ago now and it was truly miraculous....to this day I still enthuse about how wonderful it is not wearing glasses so welcome to the world of opening your eyes and seeing the alarm clock :)
I believe your prescription needs to be stable for 2 years but best to check.

Theresa, did you have dry eyes and how long did it last? did you have any other troubles?

I am going back tomorrow for my weeks consultation, will be asking for some more drops as my eyes have been really dry today. xx
I don't remember my eyes being particularily dry no but then I used the fake tears like they were going out of fashion as I didn't want to risk them drying out and being damaged...I think I used the tears for like a month or so and have had no trouble with my eyes at all. Was worried I would get night halos as I already hate driving at night but no nothing so altogether the absolute best thing I have ever done :)

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