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I hate N.Ireland some times :(


I will be skinny again!!!
Going out on saturday because it my friends first night out after having her baby. So she wants us all to dress up as people from the Ymca... So im going as the the police woman.

So went costume shopping, Tried on on in bangor and this thing was like £45 and it was awful, So decided to get one from Anne summers ( if its long enough ) because theirs are usually quite good quality...

On my way up to belfast (and im so glad I had the radio on and not a Cd) and theres been a bomb scare... :( :(

Its soooo annoying!!!
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I seen that on the news ! Well if it wasnt for bomb scares what would make us special ?? lol

Also read (Pauline Fowler) Wendy Richards has died :(


I will be skinny again!!!

Yeah but it makes most people scared to come over here incase they get shot lol!!

I know :( Thats sooo sad! I didnt even know she had breast cancer :(


Talks too much
my aunt was doing her driving test in belfast during the troubles when a bomb went off close by! she had to drive through the crowd running around and the emergency services trying to get to the scene. she passed! tough lady lol. i havent been affected by a bomb scare in a while now, its easy to forget how annoying they are.


I will be skinny again!!!

Im just glad I heard it on the radio so I could turn back before I got stuck in the heavy traffic!!

Wow she deserves a medal for that :)

Where in N.i are you delli? x


I will be skinny again!!!
Whoop whoop!!! lol!!!

Thats not to far from Glengormley where my boyfriend lives :)


My husband = My hero
jus b careful hunni...

tha goes for all of u in N.ireland...



My husband = My hero
Still tho theres bad people round! be careful x
Still tho theres bad people round! be careful x
There are bad people every where you go, no matter what country............just a lil bit crazier here.........and bored.......prob drugged up too..........I think I wanna move now lol


My husband = My hero
lol i know love, i live in a city full of it and work for a criminal solicitors, i know ALLLL about the dregs of society hehe

i jus want u all to b careful of bombs its scary stuff i dont like it
Im 23........been loads and loads of bombs since I have been born and I am glad to say I am still here :D

It doesnt happen that more any more, its alot calmer here that it has been in the past.


My husband = My hero
thas good to know, specially as i quite like u irish folk now ;)

site would b borin without ye haha xxx kiddin x
LOL, I did say that we were a lil crazier lol


My husband = My hero
haha u are, fab tho! my fellas an irish guard in teh army, so forever speakin to his mates, there all fab, took me ages to understand them tho haha

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