I have a very big pain in my leg


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Sorry you are so much pain!:(

Why don't you phone NHS direct. I'm sure they will help!;)

Dizzy x:)


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well, at least make an appointment to see your doc. I doubt if its serious but you should really get it checked out after putting up with it for months.

Go even if the pain is gone tomorrow, at least the doc will be able to suggest what it may be and put your mind at rest!

I don't know if you know, but we are allowed painkillers on LL diets, so don't be worried about taking some.



Not dieting ATM!
Hoping you will make an appointment today!

Please let us know how you are.

Dizzy x


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You need to get this checked, us bigger women are prone to thrombosis which usually shows as a painful leg. Dont want to scare you but go get checked.


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I've had this pain on and off for about 3 months now. I had thought it was sciatica, but its down the front of my leg.
Tonight it is agony, pain right down to my knee. It hurts so much I could cry :tear_drop:

Hi hope your leg is better today, but you should still get it checked out.