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I have an exercise question

Hi all

When exercising does this equate to any extra syns or HE's that you can eat?

I only ask as on WW and my trainer at the gym tells me that when i work out to the extent i do (high intensity) i need mroe fuel for my body for energy so would I need to eat more than i am doing on SW?

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SW don't do this I'm afraid.

If you are working out intensively, yes you do need to eat more than someone following SW but leads a sedentary lifestyle.

If you've had your syns and healthy extras, you can always have free foods as they are not restricted.
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Really depends what you're eating, if you're eating enough of good things you should have plenty of energy. SW offers a balanced diet so you get fibre, dairy, carbs, protein and good sugars.
thanks for that guys

i am just getting my head around it all. i am just confused by this as the Harris Benedict equation goes against this and i have worked with this equation for a long time now!

i will try the full SW way and munch on extra carrot sticks!
You don't have to munch on carrot sticks to try and fuel your exercise! Lean chicken, fish, pasta, rice are all free foods on extra easy and isn't that the sort of thing athletes are meant to eat while training? :)
of course they are, i am still getting my head around this and keep forgetting i can eat pasta and fish as snacks as well as meals!

i think i need to read my info again and drill it in to my own head
The Harris Benedict equation doesn't go against this, as this is the formula used to calculate the calories you require to maintain the weight you are currently at and also the amount to increase or in our case decrease it.
I would guess SW use this but also take other factors into account whatever the formula SW use if you stick to it 100% you WILL lose weight simple as that.
It's not that you can't eat more calories, it's that slimming world don't reward exercise with empty calories.

If you've done high intensity excercise and your trainer has reccomended it, there is nothing to stop you having lean meat or eggs for protein and pasta or bananas.
I am only a recent convert to SW and found this hard to get my head round, but you have to remember that weight loss is an equation between cals in and cals out, but with SW you don't count cals. You follow the same guidelines whether you are a man or a woman, exerciser or coach potato. The thing is (IMHO) with SW because you are guided towards healthier options and natural foods, you naturally reduce the amount of cals you eat over the day.

If you are working out a lot then you can eat more free food - be guided by your appetite. If you are hungry then eat something. Tuna pasta salad or bananas are good post workout replenishers.

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