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I have finally started CD!!!!


Is posting like mad!
Well today is my first day, and I have the shakes, I have a shaker and I am ready to go.

I am trying to hold off until 11 to have my first shake but fear that my stomach may eat itself in the next 45 minutes!

My CDC gave me 4 shakes a day but am trying to just have 3 (I'm 5'7) feeling a little apprehensive, as I will be having my first shake made up without a blender and without ice, I just hope I don't put myself off!!!

Does anyone know how much water is good to put in if you split the packs? from the instructions maybe 114mls but that doesn't seem an awful lot....
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Hiya, best of luck hun. there is a min amount of water you should add it says on the back of the pack but you can add more if you want to :)

becky x


Is posting like mad!
I don't want to make myself ill, it's just my CDC says that they don't do SS anymore just SS+ so has given me 4 shakes plus milk.

I want to do SS and as a female of 5'7 I should be on 3 shakes, I may add milk because I'm under 30 and I need to get my calcium in, but I don't feel completely comfortable having 4 shakes long term.

I think instead of splitting the pack I will have some peppermint tea and in 30 minutes have a whole pack, once I know how much water I need for a whole pack I will know how much to use for half of one.

Thanks everyone for the comments... any light on the SS/SS+ thing would be helpful too.


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They do still do SS as most of us are on it!!!! Hmmm very strange. Did your CDC not give you the booklets? That should explain SS and SS+

Also I thought SS+ was 3 shakes plus milk or 200cal meal?


Is posting like mad!
Hi guys,

Thanks for clearing that up for me, I think I will see how I go this week, having 3 shakes and then a 4th if I am really struggling. Then if my Tuesday next week I am not having a 4th shake every night I will drop down to 3 and inform my doctor. My BMI is under 40 and I don't have any contras so should just be a courtesy letter.
I just think for £49 a week I could be on W8 where you get spaghetti bolognese!! Not that I don't <3 the Cambridge diet

I had my first shake at about 11.15 and it was surprisingly good, getting a bit of a headache now but I think it's psychosomatic because I have been preparing myself for the absolute worst. Going to drink another 750 mls of water see if that clears it up.

So happy to be finally doing this diet, and so far not feeling too hungry.... touching wood!!!



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wishing you lots of luck with your weight loss..its my day one too..
im doing the ss plan..just had my first shake and it was rather yummy..:D
we can support each other,roll on ketosis:p
Blimey hun £49 is a lot, is that because of the 4 shakes? I do SS+ but have 3 shakes plus a 200cal meal, rather than 4 shakes plus milk. Its cheaper than paying for an extra pack each day (as long as you can source the ingredients for the 200cal meal fairly cheaply) and I enjoy the little bit of food each day- helps to keep me on the straight and narrow!

I have finaly started CD

HI there I am on day 1 today sitting here on the computer having a coffee. I stayed in bed late so I would have less time to be thinking about food so I have yet to have my shake. Got up and came straight on here because thats where I am planning to be instead of eating. So we can do this together Good Luck .


Is posting like mad!
Hi Sally,

I am feeling hunger pangs after my 11.15 shake and so got on here too.

People are starting to go to the shop and the canteen.... Oh well, we can get through this.

we are over half way through the day now! The shakes are not too bad going to have my veg soup at 2.30... only 1 hour and 12 minutes left....:drool:

Good luck for your first day, it's good that there are quite a few of us starting at the same time as red said ROLL ON KETOSIS!!!


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only 27 minutes left for your soup now hunnie..hehehe
going to have my next shake when the kids get in from school as they will be eating..so i have 1 hour 20 minutes to go.im just glugging the water..


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I am currently having my first Veg Soup.... gooooood times. I so thought everything would taste disgusting but so far so good, all I need now is to curl up and go to sleep... unfortunately have to do another few hours of work!!! :(

3litres of water glugged, only another couple to go... my nearest loos are up a couple of flights of stairs so today has been.... fun

Enjoy your tea time shake Red :)


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i sure will enjoy my shake...:)
just think of all that excersise youre getting going up and down them stairs:D
think i will be having an early night tonight to keep me away from the dreaded fridge


Is posting like mad!
Yeah I think about that everytime I go up, generally running becuase I've been ignoring the urge for 20 minutes.

I was planning to sleep for the 12 weeks I am on SS, just work home and sleep that way I wouldn't be hungry... but instead I have decided to go to my friends house tonight, my friend who is half american and bakes cookies constantly... I figure I should test myself early.

not too long till going home time at school now ... only 20 minutes to go... yummy


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yes sleeping for 12 weeks for be great..just think how much lighter we would be when we woke up.hehehe
im sure you will be fine at your friends house tonight..does she know that you are on the cambridge diet???just enjoy the smell of the cookies...yummy!!!
just going to do my shake..expecting the kids home any time..


Is posting like mad!
Yeah my friend knows that I am on Cambridge and isn't a saboteur generally. She says she will make something that I don't like for her dinner, but I want to be tested, I have two bbqs this weekend so need to test my mettle!!


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i havent got anything planned for three weeks.:)then i have my nana and grandads golden wedding party..so hopefully by then i will have lost a nice bit of weight(fingers crossed)
do you have msn??if so my addy is [email protected] ..would be great to natter:D


Is posting like mad!
Hi Emma,

Sorry when I got home I was so tired I sat on the sofa and didn't move until bedtime. I will add you on MSN.

How did day 1 end for you? I stuck to 3 packs, had half a toffee and walnut and half a brocolli and cheese for dinner, separately of course, brocolli and cheese is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted.... dreading eating the other half...

I thought of you when I got home, my little brother had come in from school ... with a bag of chips!! I hope your kids didn't stop off at the chippie on the way home!!!

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