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i have just watched 10 years younger

and the women on there had weight loss surgery and had lost alot of weight and needed a body lift and a breat uplift, im not stupid and i know that obviously this does occur, but my cdc keeps tellign me i wont need surgery becasue my skin is still elasticy as im only 20 ,
can anyone here jsut tell me if they have had surgery and if there was anyone who reached their goal whilst in their 20s and did they need surgery as im panicing now and think after seeing what they did to her, and the scars she had i think id rather be larger im very frightenend it didnt really occur to me !
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i reckon ur skin is in ur favor at ur age but couldnt tell u for sure. it does depend on the person also but i reckon u may well get lucky.

i watched same prog and i was almost ill when she was pulling her tum in all directions lol. i know im gonna need surgery and after watching that...i begged hubby to not let it be too long between reaching goal and me having surgery. blech!!


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I'm 28, and i lost 8 stones before(5 years ago) and didn't have any real loose skin, i was no cindy crawford don't get me wrong but i didn't have any bits that i could stretch. This time around i've more to lose so not sure how i will look after but i know whatever happens i would rather deal with a bit of loose skin that be overweight.
Hiya, this is something that worries me also, i'm 24 and got about 6 stone to lose but i've been using bio oil daily which i'm hoping will help with the springing back. I think it depends on your own skin coz i've read in magazines women who are the same age and lost 4-5 stones and needed boob lifts and arm things done etc and then theres others whose have just sprung back, i think with good exercise and tonigh will help your body to bounce back
I agree with AVA, deffo rather have some loose skin than be overweight as much as I am.

I need to lose another 4.5 stone approx and I know I'll have a jelly belly, not just with me being fat but also after having my little girl..she weighed a whopping 10lb 2oz so I was really stretched.

I have heared only positive things about girls your age, your skin should just go back hun. Obviously things like the amount of weight to you have to lose need to be taken into condsideration too but generally I believe that YOUNG skin has a much better chance of going back to normal. Don't let this put you off losing weight hun. You can always stop if you don't like the way your body is changing.

Also....get some Bio Oil....we have a thread on here somewhere...I got some about a week ago...lots of peeps rave about it. And it sells really really well. It's to help stop/reduce stretch marks and helps tone skin and also is good for scars...acne scars and really big scars.

I'm sure you'll be fine sweetie. Better to lose the weight while you are so young, it's harder to get off when you get older and then there is more chance that you will get saggy skin as you get older....DO IT NOW lol xxx

best of luck to you hun xx sj xx


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not just with me being fat but also after having my little girl..she weighed a whopping 10lb 2oz so I was really stretched.
Me too, my belly is never going to be flat, my little boy was 10lb 7oz :D

Mrs Roch

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I watched the same programme and have to say it really didn't look nice - poor woman...

One point I'd like to make though is that she lost her weight through weightloss surgery (which she didn't go into) but I imagine a stomach band or something familiar.

I do think doing it with CD and the packs and the water is a more natural way of doing it... I have friends both male and female that have lost in excess of 5 stone and don't have lose skin...

Your definitely losing the weight at the right time of our life - I'm 37 and wish I'd done it years ago...

Keep glugging the water and washing out those toxins - check out Icemooses thread on drinking the water...

Good luck with your journey..

I'm on my 20's (still, but not for long :( ) and a few years ago I lost 4st. I've put back one on (damn!) which is why I'm here. Anyway, my point is I've never suffered with lose skin. I've stretch marks for England, but even so, as I lost the weight they became less prominent. I've become too lazy to go back to the gym, but honestly, nothing would shape you better than exercise. It will sort out the flabby bits that the diet on its own won't remove. I used to do a lot of exercise and I put it down to that fact that even though I'm 11 st now, I look slimmer than when I was 11st a few years ago (before losing the weight). HTH


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i agree about the exercise. its made a huge improvement for me. aquafit is amazing for bingo wings. im starting to get a waist now from doing a lot of bodyjam and workout DVDs.

I did lose about 4 stones when i was in my early 20s and didnt have loose skin after. im 30 now and bigger than ever so not likely to be as lucky this time. ive always had rubbish skin but even so, in my early 20s it wasnt a problem. xxx
Hi all I am 24 and i have also been thinking about lose skin too and watched 10 years younger and just started to worry! I am on LL finished 100 days and now in development with over 5 stone to go and I think what everyone has posted so far is so true it depends on so many factors but hopefully being young and drinking so much water will make a difference. it also reassuring to read about the people who have lost lots and did not have lose skin. The one thing i agree with everyone is that i would rather be a healthy weight and feel as good as I feel now and deal with excess skin! But still it's on my mind constantly!!!!!

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