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I have overcome a biiiiiig milestone in my life...


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I finally like me!
I know this probably sounds odd but i have been so unhappy with myself for such a long time. I have sw to thank for some of this. That is what helped me start to feel good and positive about myself.
But more importantly i have just started being the real me again, i am being the person i want to be. I am in a difficult part of my life and its not easy but i am strong. I never regret anything i have done as i wouldnt be the person i am today.
One thing i have learnt along the way is no matter what shape or size you are, there will always be some part of you that you don't like. You know what, so what you are much more than that. Yeah i feel good that i have lost weight but i know i will never like my body since having kids, but i have accepted this is me. They are worth every bit of it!
So try and find the happy person inside you, it feels great.
Just wanted to share my positive feelings with you all x
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Now to maintain.....
that is all! just wanted to :D
good for you :) x
Good on you - great post!

I am a very pesermistic person TBH & very hard judging on myself, but will take on board what you have said as it would be great to feel that way x
What a lovely post.

Being happy with oneself is so important and it upsets me when I see posts on here where, for example, someone talks about crying all night coz they could not fit into their size 12 jeans.

I hate the fact that society is generally geared to make bigger people feel awful about themselves. I have always been big but my size has never made me cry or want to hide away from the world. But that said, my confidence has improved since losing this weight and so I guess I was not quite as happy with things as I could have been.

Feeling good is about so much more than size and I think for me, the best bit about losing weight is being in control. The smaller dress size is of course a great bonus. :D
When I lost weight pre children I started at 13st 2lbs and hated myself. After 5 very challenging years and battling life with two disabled children, my weight gained. I have finally started the journey to deal with it again with SW, I have only lost 9lbs so far, and bigger than I was last time I had to do this, but this time I feel so much happier about myself. Odd as I am bigger, but I am me - always will be, and even when I get to a gorgeous size 10 it will still be me and my life. If I can't love myself at 14 stone, I can't imagine I will be that much better a person at 10stone, just less of me :)

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