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I have reached Goal...maintenance is now the hard part

Hi all,

How are we all??

I have hit goal Yay!! well I did a few weeks ago.

I have done the step up programmes and am now ready to eat proper meals

I have stayed the same weight and flauctuated by a couple hear and there...but I nkow that is to be expected.

I do cardio every single day and am quite strict with meals and defo portion sizes

my only question is...does anyone know anybody who has done this diet and kept the weight off/maintained it??

I am really scare dof going back to a size 16 and 3 and half stone heavier!! I REFUSE to go back

when I told the gym instructor he said it was really bad that I did VLCD and that the weight will pile back on

I know that you have to completely change your eating habits but I am scared I will put all weight back on and even more

My consultant did the diet about 2 years ago and has put a max 4-6lbs back on (which I can live with)

The easy part is doing the diet..the hard part is maintaing it.

I am terrified
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I have no advice I'm afraid but i too share you're fears!!

Well done on reaching goal!! bet you look amazing?! xx


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you have as much chance as maintaining as with any other diet, like Ww or SW. It's simple, if you go back to your old eating habits, you'll put on, if you eat healthily and increase activity, you'll be fine!

I think it's a bit of a myth that VLCD's don't let you maintain. Perhaps the urge to binge is higher than on other diets, because you've been deprived for a while, but, fat loss is fat loss as far as I'm concerned! :)

(I WILL NOT put this weight back on! no chance. I am too afraid of life after CD tho!)
I was off CD for 2 months and went on holiday for 2 weeks too and I only gained 1-2lbs. I ate healthy and cut down on carbs specially at night and I didn't even exercise so I'd say u have a good chance o maintaining if ur eating healthy and exercising. Just remember if u gain more then 5lbs or so do something about it quickly before it gets out of hand e.g. Less alcohol or more cardio..

The people that put it on just fall into bad old habits again. I know that I will never allow myself to gain again as it has been the hardest fight of my life to get this weight off!! Just think of all the sexy clothes u can wear at the mo and u won't want to go back to the big ugly clothes :-D xx

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3


this time - the last time
Some great advice already given.

Ive promised myself I'll weighyself at least once a week.
As already mentioned - if you notice a little weight gain act on it quickly so you don't let yourself gain long term.

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