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I have thighs! ....

well, more shapely legs anyway!

My size 20's are now too big to wear even with a belt, so have been digging around in my drawers for hardly worn size 18s. Found a new pair of blue denim ones and I can see my once shapely legs emerging too, it's quite exciting!!

They are not boot cut, so I also managed to zip my just below knee boots over the top of them, and even if I do say so myself... I look kinda fetching!

That and having cheekbones! I dont remember feeling this foxy when I was just under 15 stone before, maybe the fat has redestributed itself since I was in my 20's but I seem to have slimmer legs, cheekbones and a waist and boobs emerging from the fat. At this rate I will have to only lose about another stone to look like the me of old. I was thinking of getting down to 11 stone, but I know I wont now, if I lost another 4 stone off what I am now I would look like a rake.

So mmmmmmm, am happy with my reflection. Have even got the hang of putting on makeup again. New products out there now, been putting cocoa butter on my face and it seems to be liking it and I have got the hang of putting on mineral powder foundation and blusher.

It must be working I have had 2 of my colleagues in the last 10 days say how well I look and how good my skin is.

The cambridge diet is a blooming wonder.
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Losing weight is certainly transformational:talk017:

I will have to only lose about another stone to look like the me of old
It is lovely to read how happy you are.

Love Mini xxx


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey angie! that's fabulous! it's so great to see yourself transforming and because it's so quick you notice yourself! I was in the gym (being lazy..!) and i noticed my legs just looked so much different whilst lying down! i love it!!

well done you!
Thnakyou Mini, thankyou Lelly. I am quietly jumping up and down with excitement, I never dreamed I would look so much like myself so quickly as I have been overweight for 9 years! That and I worried that my face would sag or my skin wouldnt bounce back...but for a few more lines in keeping with my 30 something face, I look like I did in my late teens and 20's, it's a nice shock, it's like seeing a long lost friend. I am being so much nicer to myself and pampering myself with some new clothes and makeup, feel genuinely like I am having a life changing event! And people do treat you differently and so far it hasnt freaked me out, i have had a couple of double takes recently and quizzical looks from those who can tell something is different,but can quite work out why or how I look like me but not quite like the me they know! I am excited to know what 12.5 to 13 stone look like.
However, if I look good at those weights and I think it is healthy I will stick to it. I may have a healthy BMI at 11 stone, but I absolutely know I would look dreadful.

Anyway, manythanks for your support

angie x


Staff member
Hi Angie,

I agree people do tend to treat you differently.

I also can identify with feeling like your old self again. My husband has even said I look more like me:p

Below is a link to virtual model and you can adjust it to different weight and hair colour. I love playing with it.

I have mine in my signature.

My Virtual Model

Love Mini xxx


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go with amazing :) i bet you don't walk around looking startled all the time, ha. but i bet you do walk around looking amazing all the time ;)
can we see a pic angie, for inspiration?
Lynne x
Hello angie-bum,
What a lovely story, and great insipration for me as a new starter. I can wait to wear smaller clothes and to enjoy looking in the mirror to put on my makeup. The pleasure you must be getting from looking at your newly shaping body must be great, and it is so nice to be able to be good to yourself. I know being overweight has made me spend less time on me, not wanting to apply body lotion or wear a new ligloss as i thought what is the point. So it is so good to read all you have said and try and imagine how I will feel a few stone lighter.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Love Sharon xx

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