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I hope this gets better..................

Hi ok so only day 2 but i am struggling but i can do this i need to be slim. i have struggled so much with my weight and yo-yo dieted for the past 2 years so now i feel ready to do this but it doesnt make it any easier......... some success stories would be great!!!!
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It looks from your ticker that you are in a similar situation to me with a similar amount of weight to lose.

We can do it though, just stay positive, think how amazing you will feel at your first weigh in if youve stuck to it 100%. Thats what I'm concentrating on anyway, and its also my second day!

Also having a wisdom tooth out tomorrow which isn't ideal so hoping I will be able to have my shake rather than hospital food.

Good luck, update me on your progress!
We can do it!


Girl on a mission
Hey hun day 2 and 3 can be the worst so just hang on in there i had a bad day yesterday but today is better so stick it out and the 1st week loss will motivate you soooooo much:D
Hey Liz1987 - good luck with the wisdom teeth ive had mine out you'll be fine we can do it!!!!

Good luck Dappy Mare witht he weight loss



wants big losses!
Hya, I'm on day 3 and feel pleased with myself for not eating..even at the theatre last night whilst others around me were scoffing sweets and chocs (I sat there with my bar and water). I feel fine and hoping to get into ketosis soon coz I kno then I will feel fab! Keeep strong and positive...this site is fab for encouragement and support - look at the Inspirational Slide Show and read the blogs - we are all human and all here for the same reason and we WILL get there!

All the best,
Hiya, am on day 5 today, I found day 3 pretty hard but felt great yesterday & today. Just keep at it, it's hard but I feel so much happier as am now in control rather then letting food control me xx
I find it really hard at work when everyone is eating Jacket Poatoes and Sandwiches so i went out and Got a chicken breast from Marks and Spensers didnt really enjoy it, so i will have a few pieces of cucumber tonight with my shake. i havent told anyone at work that i am on CD as they are extremely negative about the diet and i dont want negative vibes around me at the moment so i drank my shake when im out of the office!!!! but i know i cna do it and i know i can lose all my weight im hoping i will be a goal but October time but i think its a bit of a push but with you guys and motivation i will get there!!! thaks for the support xxxx
keep it going!!! it is so worth it! once you pass this it will be much easier!

have a look through the gallery, that always inspires me!
just stay focused, i'm just finished my sole source(12 weeks) and have lost 4 and a half stone. it was a rollercoaster ride but i was determined lol reaping the benefits now :). like you i didn't want anyone knowing in work so i kept it to myself(less pressure and criticism), hard to hide it now though when they keep asking me how i lost the weight lol alot of people in work are now thinking about trying it. wish you all the best of luck!


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Mind over matter is right. With regards to your workmates ... just do what you need to do, and keep in MIND that what they think doesn't MATTER.