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I joined a ramblers club today!

Not one where I ramble on and on (do enough of that on this and other forums) but walking/hiking over countryside and hills etc. - inc steep ones:eek:

I've started walking a lot recently, 1.5 miles per day at lunchtime at work, and 8.7 miles last Saturday and a further 6.5 miles today.

This is all part of my fitness and helath regime as I fear although diet itself is good, on its own I fear I'd spend too much time in front of TV and PC, so now will be out every other Sunday across the hills and moors of Northumberland, Durham, Cumbria and N. Yorkshire.

First trip is next Sunday and a 12.5 mile hike with the new group. This is exactly what I wanted as weigh-in day is a Wednesday evening so splits the week nicely.

Just hope 12.5 mile is not too much, though there is the option of a shorter 9.5 mile version - they also cater for the novice walker and slower person. Hope I don't make a spectacular failure of myself:cry:

Wish me luck - might just need it!
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Margy Parker, and Stefanie you pair are really lucky I have not reported you - in fact if I could spell insubordination, I'd have you charged with it! - good job I can't eh ladies:p

Sorry - rambling again....:eek:
Nothing wrong with a rambling club, I used to be part of the one where I worked 10 years ago and I'm still not 40.

If you're ever in the Vale of York walking give us a wave. It's nice and flat here
I like a bit of rambling. I dont do much in the cold weather though so my approach shoes will probably now be put away til the Spring.

Good luck with it.
I'm just striking while the iron is hot and I am still enthusiastic about it all. I had considered putting it off until Springtime, but fear that may be a big cop-out!

Besides, by springtime, I might be considering half-marathons or mountain climbing;) Well, I might be:D


Mad old Bat with Attitude
The point of rambling is it's done in beautiful countryside, true all the ones round here seem of a certain age, but at least you aren't wearing out your knees and hips by pounding the pavements.


My belly this will be!
but at least you aren't wearing out your knees and hips by pounding the pavements.
Oooo controversial there Judi - does everyone wear out their joints then? Seb Coe? any any of the other famous ex runners I could think about if I could be bothered? Running as well as other exercise if done properly increase the health generally increases the calcium in older bones and therefore makes for a healthier population in general which is all to the good of the economy. :p
No controversy. never been a runner, never saw the point. Always enjoyed walking, nature trails, birdwatching, seawatching, whalewatching (off the coast) - all combined with walking.

Now I just feel like doing greater distance and therefore with a group as most of my birdwatcher colleagues don't do longer distances. Round the doors is fun, but I want the "proper" experience.

Next year I'm doing the Great North Walk for company charity (Paralympics) I'll leave the Great North Run to the extremists lol.


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