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I just want to say..

if my shakes done arrive tomorrow im going to CRY!!!!!:cry:

im being very impatient as i onnly ordered then on saturday or sunday but i really want to start SS'ing now! you guys have inspired me so much thats im convinced im going to succeed this time!

since iv ordered iv made the most of the days leading up to the delivery, iv not eaten alot during the day but eaten whatever i like for dinner!:D at this rate im going to double my weight by the time the shakes arrive!!! (okay slight exageration)

everyone cross your fingers for me, i want them tomorrrrrooowwww!!!

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In the meantime if they don't arrive have you thought about doing something like SlimFast...having two SlimFast and one evening meal, it would help you get into the swing of things.

Whatever you decide be sure to cut down on the carbs for a few days before as it will ease the withdrawal symptoms.

And it will help you slip into ketosis quicker.

Love Mini xxx
They've Arrived!!

So i post to say theyve not arrived and then my buzzer goes!!

YESSSSSSS, lucky i didnt have any breakfast! not that i usually do, i normally wait till im so hungry and stuff my face with biscuits, sweets, sandwiches, pizza! Gone are those days!

So, iv just weighed myself and im 16.10 thats quite shocking, in a year iv put on 3stone!

overall id love to lose 6 stone, seems impossible as i cant remember weighing less than 13 ever! So im going to take it stone by stone, il get there eventually!

here i go....day 1...

Goodluck Dizzyflowers, glad you have your shakes now :) looking forward to see how you get on xx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Day 1 nearly done and dusted :D:D:D xx
Yep, goin to bed in a minute! well done mee :)

going to try and keep myself busy tomorrow, a whole flat clean sound do it!!

and i need to get a good book, that always keeps my mind away from food!

well done on your first day chuck x


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Well done on getting one day done and dusted!

Have you taken your before photos and body measurements? They are a very useful record and can provide motivation as you look back and see how far you have travelled...

Set yourself some achievable mini goals and reward yourself with non food treats!

I think it is a good idea not to set your weight loss to low...as sometimes we can do this as a form of self sabotage without knowing it.

Be realistic and once you do get to your main goal you can then decide from there if you do want to lose more weight.

Love Mini xxx
il take some pics and measurements today, cringe!!

thanks for the advice! iv put my goal weight as the lowest id like to be but my main goal is just to get through it week by week! at the moment my goal weight does seem impossible but after looking at everyones elses losses theres hope!

Well done on ur 75lb loss! its reading everyones losses that makes me so excited!


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