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I Love Chicken Soup!!!!!


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lol - i was very wary about trying it thats why i only got 1 but now i wish i had got more!!!!! :( lol
:S ur very brave!
Hi i did the same last week got just one soup coz lots of people on here hate it! not had it yet but i might try it for my lunch today as i go for my first weigh in tmw didnt want to have it and not like it and throw it away coz they do only give you 21 pks for the week and i would have been starvin if id missed one of the shakes!:(i think i read somewhere on here that you can buy a sachet for £1.70 each!
deb x


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You can buy individual sachets??????
surely it works out cheaper buying 21 as a bulk right? i cant be botherd to do the maths! lol

I think i am going to go tomorrow and change some shakes for soup :D yummy!!


Slowly but surely!
I love the soup too especially with some black pepper, I eat it with a spoon too so it feels like a meal :)


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haha exactly what i did!
mixed it with 250ml of boiling water - whisked it up - poured into a bowl and sat on the sofa with a spoon sipping it like proper soup! yum yum in my tum! lol


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Thanks sweetie :D


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Hi Summergurl, i am the same with chicken soup, love it but HATED it to start with!! I guess I'm more of a savoury person anyway! I have even eaten it from a bowl in a resturant when I went out with the girls! I either do it in a big bowl or divide a sachet into two and have two large mugs of it. I always have pepper/paprika/curry powder/herbs on it too as not so nice on it's own!


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Ah i didnt add anything and dont want to either as i think its lush as it is!! :D hehe
i like the soup for my tea when i come home from work at night, its savoury and warming.


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I have the chicken soup everynight. I also add pepper and paprika. It heats me up and makes me feel as though I'm having a meal :p
hiya the lady at my pharmacist said you couldnt add pepper to it!:confused: i'll ask her tmw at my first weigh in:eek: why she said your not supposed to use it anymore!
deb x


I will be skinny again!!!
Ive added pepper the whole way through the diet and My weight loss has been consistant...

I think its because of the taste.. and the whole cleansing the palate stuff xx

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i love it its, definately my fave, i add black pepper and chilli flakes have it every night for my tea x
I really liked it too! Only got 2 sachets as pharmacist said it was vile. They don't even stock the veg soup ones apparently, though i'm a savoury girl so would like to try it.

Had the chicken soup with tarragon and loads of pepper. Nice to have a change from the shakes. Have not enjoyed the shakes hot as much as cold, so the soup is even more welcome!


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There isnt a veg soup flavour on LT!
I have had 2 today and have 6 left which i am saving for friday, sat and sun - 2 a day! lol mmmmm looking forward to em now - they are like my treat of the week! ha

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