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I love eBay...


Slimming down the aisle
I had a good sort out of clothes the other week and found a bunch of things to get rid of, most went to a charity shop, but stuck about 15 bits on eBay. They're ending today, currently I'll get £45 plus postage for them. There are about 8 things with no bids at the moment, all have a 99p start price and 5 of them have people watching so hopefully they'll all go. I think if anything doesn't, it'll go to the charity shop!

£45 isn't a great deal, I know that. It won't be a third of what I paid for it all, especially the 2 dresses. But it's still £45 that I then get to go spend on other new stuff! I think that's what I'm going to do, anything that I sell on eBay, the money will stay sitting in my paypal account and it'll go straight back into my clothes fund!

Now I just need to carry on sorting through my clothes and stick another load on this week!

And buy some new jeans, I have 1 size 20 pair that fit, but loose around waist, and a size 22 that I can still wear, but they're not skinny jeans fit anymore, at all! And I need a belt with them! So I think that's what that money is going to go on after they end tonight, jeans!

So basically, I highly recommend selling any decent clothes on eBay to anyone who has stuff!
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can see the end in sight!
i made so much money from ebay, and i have a whole other bag of stuff to put on it. i think i'll take the pictures and list them in the next week or so. will wait to get rid of the winter stuff though, until it gets a bit colder. might get more for it then.

its addictive! the only ballache is posting all the stuff.


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, I know, takes forEVER!

It's actually free to list them now, if the starting price is under £1. But I always start them as 99p. But they take a percentage at the end.

I've got to carry on sorting through clothes today. I'm going to try each thing on and show my mum and ask her. Because I find it really hard. It's easy to go oh but I like it and it's only a BIT big. But actually it's 2/3 sizes too big and does me no favours at all!


Slimming down the aisle
It costs to have a buy it now price though. I put them on all of my things, was about 5p or 10p depending on price. But no-one has used buy it now, and as soon as a first bid went on the buy it now option disappeared. Which I didn't think it did! So next round i won't bother with it.


can see the end in sight!
be ruthless caroline, thats what i had to do. i got rid of about 3 bags to charity and about 3 bags on ebay.


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, that's the plan! Going to literally go through everything. Not a single item left unturned! Then I'll have room in my wardrobe, and a good idea of what I have, and what I need!


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Ahh thanks for that. I might give it a go then. How do you decide on postage? Do you weigh the item and take it from there?? I buy on ebay a lot, but never sell x


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It's the postage that puts me off doing it. Having to queue up at the post office and all that.

Last time I lost weight I sold a load of my bigger clothes and made quite a bit.

I was going to give it all away to charity this time, but I will need funds for new clothes so I may have to bite the bullet and stop being lazy and sell stuff on eBay.

Caroline I completely get the not getting rid of things because they still kind of fit. I have a pair of linen trousers that were already slightly big when I started CD and I've been holding on to them because I really like them - but last night I was sat in the garden, stood up and they FELL DOWN. That is a sure sign I should get rid!


Slimming down the aisle
Nope, I just set a standard £2.50 on every item. Some will probably cost a bit more, others a little less. But I was able to work out the postage. If you can weigh it, probably a good idea. I just have to try and get some bags to put it all in now!


Shut up Ethel
I love doing this - the sorting and the throwing away; and like you say, no item left unturned! I find I have to do it every couple of weeks at the moment, stuff that 'still fits' suddenly becomes 'huge and unflattering'.

I'm going to do a boot fair with most of my stuff, as its bigger it should sell reasonably well, and ebay a few nicer pieces (jackets, coat etc). What's left over can go to charity or a jumble sale!


Slimming down the aisle
Is it weird that I actually quite like doing eBay? I mean, it takes ages I know, but I do like it! I might become a trading assistant once I get my feedback up again. I had an old account that was 'linked to another account' somehow. Was because I sold something for my friend, and his account got cancelled because of strikes or something and somehow they thought our accounts were the same person. He sorted it out and got his account back, but I never did. Was far too much hassle and had already started again!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I've sold a few things on eBay but never clothes (usually antiquey things) - it IS the post office trek that puts me off, I have to be honest. But I was just wondering if any enterprising firm had made a pair of 'home scales' that would tell you the weight of the item and also the postage? (Then you would only need to head to the post office to bulk-buy stamps!) Or is this idea a non-starter now that they've got all those silly new rules about package size? Just a thought.......

(As for buying things on eBay though, now that's another matter! ;):D)
I'm pretty sure that you can now print your own postage from the royal mail website, i guess you set up an account and pay by card i would have thought. It sounds a good idea...better than queing at the post office.
And i've sold a few bits and bobs and made some pocket money...mostly clothes that are too big...or my kids clothes that are too small.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Re my scales query, I've just done a bit of browsing and come up with this:-

511A 1kg Letter Scale

This is a letter scale which also has prices on it, so you can easily work out what your parcel will cost (as long as you measure it too!). It's reduced from £55.00 to £30.43, which could pay for itself quite quickly if you sold a lot of stuff. The downside is that it only weighs up to 1kg. (BTW when the postage charges go up, you buy a new dial to fit on the front.)

If you really wanted to push the boat out, this firm also does this, which goes up to 5kg:-

Salter Brecknell 315 UK Postal Rate Scale (PIP)

It's reduced from £116.33 to £60.87 and comes with a free letter measurer - again, could be worth it if you sold enough. (In this case, you put in a new chip when the charges go up.)

Or you could just use this guide on the Royal Mail site and cross your fingers!


- which would be free of course!

(PS. There's loads of reasonable and fab little scales on eBay itself, but at the moment I can't find any which give the charges as well. Still looking! :) )
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Caroline! I want that black dress!!!!! Do you know when you'd get chance to post them after the auction? I'm going to a party on Friday and it is exactly what i'm looking for. I bid on it anyway so will keep an eye on it tonight and if I win will pay this evening.


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, you can print them and pay via paypal now too, which is what I'll do. You can get them to post you out a parcel size checker, though to be honest, with clothes, it won't be letter or small package size anyway! Does mean weighing them at home though, will have to dig out my better scales!

Just been through another pile, getting there slowly! got 12 bits for ebay, 5 or 6 for charity shop, and not much went back into my wardrobe I have to say!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Yup, you can print them and pay via paypal now too, which is what I'll do. You can get them to post you out a parcel size checker, though to be honest, with clothes, it won't be letter or small package size anyway! Does mean weighing them at home though, will have to dig out my better scales!
Hi, I've looked at the Royal Mail site and can't find anything about paying by PayPal (which I would love to do!). I wonder if you could let me know where you found this information, as I would love to be able to take advantage of it. Thanks! :)

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