I love everyone who has helped me the last few day!

I know I have only just joined the board and not many of you know (except the mods, naughty me:D).

Some of you may remember that I threw a hissy fit and was being moody because I didn't like anything.......WELLLLLL.......it may have taken me from Friday to Tuesday.....BUT.................I found one I like (well 2 technically). This morning I have had a choc and a vanilla sachet mixed together with about 200mls water and about 25 small ice cubes, I mixed 2/3 sweetner tablets in the water and then blitz blitz blitzedddddd it (its 7am my parents aren't pleased), but the result:not toooo bad. Its nice-ish, I could get used to it :D.

WOOOOOOHOOOO I didn't gag, so thanks to everyone who gave me tips on what to try and helped me to not give up.
I am counting today as my day 1, but I will still be weight Thursay, if I don't lose anything this week I don't mind because I know I've been finding the flavours I can live off.

Thanks again.
Have a good Tuesday everyone :26::23::109:
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thats great hun . and in time your tastes will change and you will find you will like some of the other too.xx

good luck.xx


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I'm pleased about that. I bet you were really fed up about it. You persevered and it paid off. Well done to you, your a fighter so you will do it!
Lynne x