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I love fibreclear


On a mission
Sorry I'm talking about poo again.

Whether it's my mind, or whatever as I know some people say fibreclear doesn't do anything.....

But after a horrific first two weeks with not much movement, and agony when I did, after 5 days on fibreclear I feel such a difference and am practically regular again, even twice today!!
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Says it as it is!!!
OOOOO My favorite subject!!!
Yeah, fibreclear is a good preventer... but i still adore ducolax for full clear outs hhehehehe!


On a mission
oh I am getting some of those too next week!!!
Sorry to ask 'poo' questions :eek: but does any of the suggestions above help soften it? :eek:
My poo is rock hard & it hurts a lot :( :eek:


Says it as it is!!!
Fibrclear works a treat... either get it off your chemist or on ebay xxx
you can double the dosages too...or just wack a spoonful in ever shake you have...bonus is, is it keeps you fuller for longer too xx


Says it as it is!!!
P.S We always talk 5hite ...so don't worry about poo questions lol
A W E S O M E!


Think i might try this stuff just to see what the craic is! lol - dont have any major poo problems though - i think i talk enough of it....
I find a heaped teaspoon of Fibreclear in each shake defo helps me. I did take my first Ducolax on Sunday but don't really think I needed it.

I asked in my chemist but they'd not heard of fibreclear. Can you please tell me where you get it, apart from ebay.


Says it as it is!!!
Does anyone know if the other versions of Fibre *** such as FibreSure etc are suitable on LT or is it only Fibre Clear ?
Fibre sure has more cals and carbs in ...its not recommended..... only fibreclear hunni xx


Says it as it is!!!
Thanks Nic, I'll take a look, cos I want to give it a try.
I was given a free sample from my Chemist and i will definately be buying a tub - worked for me!!!:eek:


please try again
psylliam husks is another one, no cals no carbs
either in powder form or i have mine in capsuale form ( thou am on a high dose of 9 - 12 caps a day )
i get mine from holland and barrett
Thanks for that.

I will get some fibreclear :D , this hard poo lark is just getting too painful. :eek:

Does anyone know how much it costs roughly & can you only buy it at chemists?

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