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I LOVE Slimming World, but...

...cor, blimey. It doesn't half give you the windy-pops! Hehe

It sure does !!! Having 7 dogs is an advantage when we have visitors lol !!

In public a " what have you done look" at the person closest to you deflects the blame lol !!!:479:
lmao! It depends how many servings of baked beans you eat, I guess :D
lol glad it isn't just me! xx
alpen light do it for me lol :whistle:
It sure does. Well I don't have dogs but I have two young children ;)
This counts !!!! Just as good as dogs lol.

I keep having to have extra ciggie breaks at work so I don't drop one in the shop!! :eek:
I empathise. I walk away from all human and plant life for fear of being blamed for the assassination of dozens by suffocation !

Haha. Glad to see it's not just me :p DH has commented a couple of times! Oops :eek:
Mine comments all the time and moves as far down the sofa as he can lol.......he still loves me though, especially his new, fit, slimmer, fart machine model.

green days do it for me, and when i let it free my partner says one thing animal, i just smile.
Our animals can not begin to compete when I get going. Even the dogs move away from me lol !!
Very true, but for me my system must have gotten used to it, because the symptoms have now dimished :D
So glad its not only me thats suffering this ha I do have a baby that i can blame it on i often do ahh poor baby will probably grow up having a complex that he stinks :bolt:

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