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I love SW!


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S: 12st12lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 1st8lb(12.22%)
I just love slimmers world! Been going for four weeks now and I've last 7lbs - woohoo, a whole half stone. And I've eaten so well - cooking most things from scratch and saving my syns for a treat.

After reading a great thread on here about not saying 'only' a lb and I've changed my attitude for the better. I think people (like me at first) overestimate how much they'll lose. But SW is a lifestyle change rather than a diet plan. It's not a crash diet where you lose loads quickly and then put it all back on just as quickly. No, with SW it's slow and steady wins the race. And if you've ever seen a pound of fat a pound is amazingly large and gruesome.

If you keep to plan it really works :p:p:p!

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Well done you!!!!!! And you are so right. Slow and steady wins the race every time. I actually love your signature "If losing weigh is a journey, then I'm taking the scenic route" - I think it's very apt, actually! Slimming world encourages you to try new things and eating in a way that encourages all the healthy foods - but also having fun while doing so. I've tried loads of new recipes. Some of them maybe not so great (omg... that mushroom stew thing urgh! haha!) but most of them are gorge! Whole family loves them. Hubby tells me he'd never guess that our meals were "diet" meals unless he knew in advance. How about that then! :)

Anyway, well done you - and thanks for the post. Has made me think how much I love SW too!!!

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X


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S: 12st12lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 1st8lb(12.22%)
Hi Caramelle, thanks for the post - I'm glad you like my motto, the scenic route is fab isn't it :D. It's all to easy to take SW for granted. But my mojo is kicking and wanting to be heard!

Up, Up and Away :D:D:D!


Mrs V

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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Im glad to read that your mojo is working Hun!!!

SW is a fantastic plan for loosing weight. Yes, the weight does come off a little slower that I would like sometimes, but Im not bothered anymore, the main thing is that its coming off. Ive climbed mountains (literally!! - Scarfel Pike last September and Snowdon in March this year), I would never in my wildest dreams have contemplated doing anything like that before!!
My confidence has soared and I finally like me!

S: 14st4lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st3lb Loss: 0st12lb(6%)
I agree with you, I have been going to SW for 14 weeks and not quite lost a stone yet (so it is slow going for me). However, I have still been maintaining a social life and I have been losing weight most weeks!

I love this plan, it is the best 'diet' I have ever been on! I don't feel deprived at all... even during my birthday etc, I made sure I was 100% during the day (not at night) and I still lost...


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S: 12st12lb C: 11st4lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 1st8lb(12.22%)
Thanks Mrs V and Jacx. Yes, I was a bit whiny a couple of weeks ago about the slowness of my losses. I've completely changed my attitude though, just by thinking about it as a plan for life. Unlike other diets I have tried when they said you should keep on plan for life this was unsustainable (mentioning no names but I'm not counting peas for the rest of my life!)

Compared to this, SW IS a plan for life that can easily be maintained. If I'm told this is a life change that makes me very happy as the food (i'm on green) is varied, good quality, good sized portions etc.

As for paying £5 per week to get weighed, I'd be spending more than this going to the corner for biscuits, chocolate, crisps and cakes. So it's money well spent I think.

Go for it laydeez and laddies!


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