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I;m wearing LEVI's!!!!

Whoo hoo!!! :bliss:

Wearing my husbands 501s, 34x32s!!!!!!!!

So - THIS is what Levi's are meant to look like on!!!! ;) :D ;) :D

Woohoo!!! Happy happy HAPPY!!!!!

Next pair - 32x32s!!! Watch this space! :D

(The only Levis I have ever worn - you could have house a small family of immigrants in them! Including the stowaway neighbour!! :D)

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Lucky you they have never fitted me the legs are too narrow.....
But then give me a month or two in the gym and may just get lucky hehehe.

Good on you, its so nice to walk out the house and know you look rather good. ;)


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I have my sesh on Sunday looking forward to it. And I decided I will do a body combat class on Monday night. Will let you know if I can move at all by Tuesday :rotflmao:
Oh, I should add also, about my getting into my hubbys jeans (ooooer matron! :D) .....this is the first time EVER, that I am the same size (or slightly smaller so far) then my partner!

That is pretty cool. I'll be able to snuggleup in his lap one day now! :D

hehe feeling god!! Good luck wih the body blitzing!!! :D

You have inspired me about exercise Tange - thank you for that!


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Good glad I could help. I am very sure its the only way we are going to maintain our lovely figures in the future. And besides my Mum who is nearly 70 goes to gym 5 times a week and does stuff that is not for the faint hearted so I reckon if she can then I better hehehe.


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Happy Days:party0011::party0011::party0011:

Very happy for you BL:D:D:D

Love Mini xxx
Course you will Corey! I reckon your slim enough now!!

My husband said we'd work out a deal - he'd get them new, and I could wear them until they were all soft and lovely and broken in.

I said, no. :D I said as they were hand-me-downs to me, as such, I would feel guilty with NEW ones so I would happily take the old holy, soft, worn in ones!! :D

I hate new crisp jeans!! lol
Jeans,Jeans Jeans

Yep, I've been wearing jeans too. i don't know why, but it seems to be a real milestone. Not LEVI's like you BL but I still feel quite cool in them. Maybe it'll
soon be time to fish out the skinny spangly ones that have been too small and hiding in my wardrobe for months!!
There must be something in the water - -
I've signed up at a gentle gym too, can't stand the flabby bat wings which have suddenly appeared after losing 8stone.:wave_cry:
Hey you SplenaBlenda! ;) :)

lol - I discovered yesterday I have Bat THIGHS!!!! :rotflmao: I should not laugh - its pretty gross!! But hey: :rotflmao: Can anyone else make their thighs clap?? :D :D :D

I am realising, there is a going to be a very long road of hard work to tone all this up! But Hey, theres time for that.

ANd yeah - fish out those spangly ones!!!

Hope you have a good weekend miss, and I'll see you Monday! :)



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lol - I discovered yesterday I have Bat THIGHS!!!! :rotflmao: I should not laugh - its pretty gross!! But hey: :rotflmao: Can anyone else make their thighs clap?? :D :D :D
Yes I can, and I agree it is not attractive at all. Oh well down the gym again tonight and I will just have to work it and work it till they stop wobbling. :eek:


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I'm so glad it's not just me! I'm 23 and I can clap my thighs! lol

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