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I may have no water for xmas!!!


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Been hearing a tapping all day which I thought was next door, but when I went to make a drink of water the water was spurting out in puffs like on a horror film just before some alien comes out of the tap lol and then heard the tapping in the walls again.
Called estate agent who the property is managed by and they said that it prob won't get fixed till after Xmas now! Says not to run the water in case it bursts!

How can I live with no water are they insane?

Wonder what's happened? X
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Not run the water !!!!! Are they mad. How can they leave you without water apart from it being Christmas you have a babe to care for.

If you are allowed to run some fill the bath to use for the toilet cos that is horrid no flushing. Fill the kettle, every empty bottle you can find. Get OH to buy in as many 5 litre bottles as you can manage and bill your management company. Ring them and tell them first so that they have been warned.

What happened to emergency plumbers !!!! Are they all booked up ???

Good Luck hugs :xmastree:
Your pipes are freezing/have frozen. Find where the pipes are and warm them slowly with a hair dryer or blow torch. Make sure they are lagged (your landlord should pay for this)
If they have frozen then there is nothing anyone would do except slowly defrost them.

Just keep an eye on it and make sure you know where your stop tap is hun. xx
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I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that they cannot leave you without running water without at least trying. AND then they would have to give you an alternative source...bottled water but not sure what you'd do for flushing the toilet. I'm sure there is a landlord or someone in the know that will know your legal rights but my mate who owns 3 properties says they have to try and fix it and that if they can't immediately they have to provide an alternative source. Any kids in the property? Because that may change things considerably

I'd also fill everything you can, for flushing the toilet, quick strip washes and essential drinks. If the pipe bursts the landlord HAS to deal with it then, just move anything that may get damaged out of the way
I'm not sure how it works with rented properties but on our street, half of the houses have frozen pipes and several more in the village have too.
A plumber will thaw them for you (if you can get one) but they'll charge you.
The water company will not do anything as it's not their responsibility.
We've just been using a blow torch (not too close to the pipes though!)
It's really best to check that they are not splitting because if they do then there'll be problems. Your landlord would have to do something then and it would be much more costly.
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You can not lose anything by filling up as many things as you can as a just in case .

Get onto your management people and hassle them. It is there legal obligation to get you sorted and as I said with a babe in the house they HAVE to do something and pronto.

I am a great believer in you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.....this could just be the exception to the rule........ring them again and see what they say.


Slimming for my children
The house is managed by the estate agent basically they take a certain cut from the rent we pay to sort all this stuff out so the landlord should never really have to deal with it?
What shall I say if they come back and say it can't be fixed till after Xmas? We are talking what 5 days with no water downstairs or potentially not being able to do the washing and I normally do two loads a day having a baby!
I will give them till say 4.15? As I originally called them about 2.30 and they close 6pm so I want answers soon? X
Sorry, I did mean the letting agent (on landlord's behalf).
They should do something hun but to be honest, it's a case of if you can get a plumber.
Keep trying them, don't leave it too long.
Tell them you think the pipes have frozen and are worried they may burst - they'll get someone out to you I'm sure.
There's no reason why it shouldn't be safe to drink, it it wasn't there'd be lots of warnings!
If you are in doubt though you can always boil it but water should be safe. xx
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You should have an out of hours number for emergencies. If not keep ringing them and say that you arent going to be fobbed off, you have a baby and need water and need to be able to flush the toilet for hygiene. Ask them who you ring if the pipes burst...you need an emergency number.

If the upstairs is running ok keep it running on a trickle to stop it freezing. It wastes water but better than burst pipes.

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you could always call your own plumber and send the bill to the letting agents after you give them the oportunity call their own first.. ( which you have done.. )..
tell them that next time you call if they fob you off..


Slimming for my children
Seems to be sorted there was a pocket of air apparently trapped. No one came out they just said keep it running for a few mins! Was rather scared the pipe would burst lol. Thanks for all your help. X
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So pleased for you FNM. We often get water cuts here in the summer when there are lots of tourists around and it is so unleasant. We have become experts on storing water.

Your Christmas can go ahead happily now !!

hugs xxxxxxxx :xmastree:
Glad its sorted :0)
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Just a bit of general advice but if people think their pipes have frozen it is a very good idea to leave all taps on with a slight drip - this should prevent bursting as it is the build up of pressure when they defrost that causes them to burst. A slightly dripping tap can prevent this in most cases.
If people need emergency plumbers etc this is a good sight to try;Buy With Confidence
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My dad is regulatory affairs manager for a national franchised lettings company so knows all the legalities re rental. I will ask him about this. It may be that frozen pipes are treated differently than any other plumbing type emergency as it's due to the weather but I'll ask and are what he says in case you get it again. Certainly though usually lack of running water would deem a property inhabitable.

We've just moved our washing machine in from the garage and plumbed it in under the stairs as all the pipework to outside was freezing. You don't realise how much you rely on things til they don't work!

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Glad it's sorted you don't have much luck with your properties wasn't there a problem there with the electrics before?

Hope you have a lovely Christmas X

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