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I messed up, big time! What do I do now?

Morning all.

I messed up pretty big over the weekend and I'm wondering what the next step is? :confused:

I'd had pretty much all my syns for the week by the time it came to Saturday and that's having an average of 15 a day. Which would've been fine, I could've managed 2 days with only 5 syns each... But I then drank waaaaay too much on Saturday night (vodka, beer, wine) and as a result, ended up having pizza, garlic bread & loaded potato skins for my hangover food Sunday. :mad: I also had a packet of randoms sweets and a millies cookie! :(

What do I do next? :confused: Do I try to calculate the syns for the weekend and have no syns for like an entire week? Or do I put that down as a blip and start fresh today? Help! I don't know what to do for the best! I'm panicking and don't want to weigh myself! I had such a good loss my first week and don't want to have undone any of my hard work for one stupid weekend! :(

Sorry for ranting,
Biz xx
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Draw a line under it and start afresh. If it were me, I'd eat tons of superfree foods with my meals, only snack on superfree, look for superspeed and speed foods and cut down to 5 syns a day (so you don't feel deprived).

Hope this helps x
I agree with Jaylou, I think you should start fresh now and try to have as many superfree and superspeed foods as you can, maybe get in a bit of extra exercise?

Just my opinion but I wouldn't cut down your syns too much if they get you through the day, if you feel deprived your going to struggle again.

Do you add you syns up by week then? I don't think I'd dare as I'd spend them all on chocolate at the start of the week!
Thank you lovelies. I was hoping you’d say fresh start otherwise I’d probably be catching up on syns for weeks after all the **** I ate!! :( I’ll try keep my syns low and fill up on plenty of veggies. I’ll fit in more exercise this week too.

And Lily, I have been trying to save syns for the weekend as I know that’s when I’m likely to want a drink, or go out for a meal. This worked really well for me in my first week. I think if I’d had saved up some syns this week, I wouldn’t have cheated so much as I’d have been more likely to stay within them , but as I had none I went overboard! If that makes sense!

Thanks again :) xx
snap - ive done the self destruct this weekend, weigh in on Thursday - so im keeping to plan 100% and having minimal syns - 5 min, 10 max each day!

If you have no syns - this plays havoc on your system apparently!!! (body holds onto fats as thinks you are starving)

Good luck honey xxx


Used to be fatter
Just had a five day binge. Was doing ace, but went a wedding, then alton towers, then my friends for a meal, then out for lunch yesterday, then cinema - the pounds go up and up!

Am looking forward to not eating crap again for a while, but daren't weigh in this week - eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Keep going QB, it happens to us all :)
You are human, we all mess up but it is waht you do afterwards that make the difference.

Draw a line and then until weigh in day eat as many speed, superspeed foods and superfree foods as you can. Drink plenty of water and get in a little exercise if you can. You may be lucky and sts or even still lose but you will have learnt a lesson.

Good luck


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