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I might be joining yous soon

Hi folks. I spoke to the woman who works for the pharmacist selling LT earlier on and she gave me an appt for Mon. I am using Maint. shakes and cutting down on carbs in preparation.

I could have 4st off by my birthday in June and it should make me more comfortable. I was walking down the street in Dec thinking I am probably the only one sweating in the winter time.:(

I had thought about surgery but it scares me tbh even though I have said death doesn't scare me, it's possible complications and having my insides rearranged.:eek:

I haven't had much success sticking with a diet in the recent past but I have decided I am worth giving it another go, I would like to settle down sometime soon and maybe have a kid and weight loss will help my chances (PCOS). I have an exercise buddy now in my new puppy Ozzy. Am just gonna take him for a walk.:)
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Hey honey, you sound like me! Lose weight for babies babies babies lol. It will be worth it in the end! I bet your puppy is very cute!

Im in Antrim whereabouts are you?
hiya good luck with it its a great diet
Hey thanks everyone. Yeah Laura, just need to find a good man first.;) I reckon I'm better getting the weight off now so it'll be one less thing to worry about. I've drank 6 pints of water today to get my system used to it again though I'm not sure if that ever happens lol.

The evenings are the worst time for me, that's when boredom sets in, or else my fave prog is on or watching a dvd and I'm thinking to myself what is there to eat?:rolleyes: I've been through the vlcd mill before and one thing I know for sure is it works if you work it!:D

Forgot to add I'm in Tyrone.
heya,,,, come join, it'll be amazing... what part of tyrone? I love the place.. been there a few times, brother lives there, wedding last year.. the accent.. omg... had a fantastic time.. accent!!!!!!
heya,,,, come join, it'll be amazing... what part of tyrone? I love the place.. been there a few times, brother lives there, wedding last year.. the accent.. omg... had a fantastic time.. accent!!!!!!
I don't like my accent lol. Or maybe it's me voice...or both.:rolleyes: I have a friend in Margate and it took her a while to get used to what I was saying and that was me trying to speak 'properly' so she could make me out. :giggle:


maintaining since June'09
Best of Luck Lyn! I'm only 4 days in but finding it fine up to now!! xx
Hiya hunny, Gud luck with the new regime and hope it works out for ya.

Just wondering what part of tyrone are ya from? Im orrignally a tyrone lass myself, near omagh. Heading over there for my wedding in 3 weeks, nice to see someone else from the area on here, take care


My husband = My hero
Ello hunnibunch!!

i think you should most deffinately join our club and be on Lipotrim!!

4 stone by your birthday is a fantastic goal, just think how fantastic you will feel struttin yourstuff, and looking gorgeous, and what a night to meet the man of your dreams hehe

you seem like a lovely person and i wish you all the luck in the world what ever diet you choose to follow,



Getting thinner everyday!
Hello Lynn

And welcome to our clan :)

Go for it girl. I've been on it for 5 weeks and feel so much better about myself already. It just feels good that you care enough about yourself to do something for you!!!

It is a hard diet but I get through it by saying that there are no excuses to eat. I just live by the rule that eating is not an option and at my lowest points I have a coffee and some more water and that has been enough so far to keep me on the straight and narrow.

You do have to be very determined though so dig deep and get that determination to the for.

ooh and come on here often because it helps no end, especially reading others successes and reading about those who have been on it for months.

Alex :)
I'm going to ring John (pharmacist) first thing in morning to ask am I just going to watch the dvd or am I going to get my shakes too. It wasn't made clear to me when I spoke to Marian. I've seen the dvd at least 3 times and I know it inside out. It's proceedure I suppose. It's just that I'm all geared up to begin Mon and I have about eight CD shakes left so I could start, just need to know that I'll have my supplies in so I can continue on LT from Weds.

Not doing so well with water. Drank 6 pints on thurs and only 2-3 fri, sat.
Hi Lynn,

Good luck with your journey! I am on W8, but started on lipotrim, but couldnt continue due to travel issues etc. But I stick around these boards because these people are the best! Welcome xxx
hi lyn i would like to wish you good luck and i must say this diet is the best i have ever tryed a stone a month is fantastic thats what keeps me going x

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