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I Miss Tasting Food

Although I am normally greedy I am not craving to eat, I am craving to taste. I want to some cathedral city cheese on my tongue enjoy the taste and then bin the food. I know this is not allowed but has anyone come up with anything that can allow you to taste something nice but not actually come out of ketosis.
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Hi Shornie,

The whole point of this diet is to break your connection with food.

If you want to eat and stay in ketosis then you might have a look about doing one of the programmes on the Cambridge Diet which allows this.

It is well worth sticking to LT as you will lose the weight and if you break it now it is very difficult to get back on the wagon again.

Stay strong...

How long are you on Lipotrim:confused:

Love Mini xxx


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Shornie, :giggle:

Just having a little giggle at your post because I reported elsewhere of my shameless incident with a slice of pizza. I did everything but eat it though. If that slice were human, it might have filed an indecent assault report. I too thought of chewing some, to enjoy the taste and then spitting it. I didn't because that's just asking for trouble.

I can only advise that you get as many different flavours as possible to keep your taste buds interested. Hope it helps.
Hve u tried the flap jacks yet? i hear they r pretty vile but it mite help with the cravin and wantin to chew. i havent tried them yet but will get sum nxt wk. jus a quick question....how will i know im in ketosis? day 5 now and no signs. is this normal????
Hi Pinkbaileys

I am on day 5 as well and apart from getting a furry feeling on my teeth I don't know if this is ketosis. Going to try the flapjacks tomorrow as well. I haven't tried the soup either might give it a go as well.

hi com, from wot ive read 'furry teeth' is the 1st sign of ketosis, n feelin cold and not feelin so hungry. my tongue feels like sandpaper does any1 feel like that? chick soup aint too bad, bit bland tho. let me know wot u think bout the flap jacks. which flavor u got, com?
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lol -I tried lipotrim last year -and I indulged in said cheat -chewing up and spitting out. I still lost weight but my incentive to keep going went out the window! My mod grew sooo dark resulting in a broken window pane in my living room door because I was so grumpy for some food. Needless to say i didn't last too long that time. I feel so much better this time tho cus I've managed so far to sidestep that particular temptation.

Its really really hard though isn't it?

Just keep gooing as long as you can and Good Good luck. just keep on here when you're goin loopy -thats what I'm doing lol
i think for me its flavour, more than anything else! If you want flavour just get a pint of hot water and add a vegetable oxo! Just have to be careful with oxo's though as they are quite salty and could possibly make you retain water. Think there are about 25 cals in it. If its just a difference from choc/vanilla/strawberry its possibly the best option!

Almost beat my chemist to death when he said 'all chocolate for the week ok??'
My daughter was wondering about an Oxo diet....

Don't know how she'd manage without the half a loaf she'd need to soak it up though!
Hi Guys

Thanks for this. Whilst I am craving a change of taste I am not going to be drawn to temptation. I survived 10 weeks last time and I only have 6 weeks to go this time. It is a pain in the bum but at least the results are fantastic. First Weigh in this week lost 9lbs only another 401bs to go.


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