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I Miss Wine


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im with you on that - i have to have vodka instead.....i hate watering down my wine with lemonade :(

A crisp Sancerre and lemonade should never meet!



Not evil at all
Cutting out alcohol doesn't bother me tbh, so watering down my wine makes no difference! I do miss a good double JD and full fat coke from the pub though!


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agreed. there is no way i'd mix my gorgeous crisp sauvingon with lemonade or soda! it's sacralidge!!

i don't mind 'most' of the time, but sometimes i just want to chill out at home with a couple of LARGE glasses of wine.

THIS is what i really miss

i have never been a big drinker so i cant say alcohol is going to be a thing i miss ... i think i have only had alcohol once in the last 3 years and that was on a girly night out!

what are the best low syn options though ? i have my mate staying over saturday who is also doing SW so a few drinks would be nice as its one of the few nights i have to be able to drink as my daughter is staying at my parents house. (we cant drink too many as gotta drive at 6:30 the next morning)

I miss lager more....nothing better than a bottle of lovely cold (european) lager on a warm evening.
Can't quite believe how many syns in a bottle, and I'm guessing that is part of the reason why I put on weight in the first place.

Mrs V

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I dont drink, so for me its not something that I agonise over..now if they made curry or crisps really high in syns, then I would cry!
Well I have had 5 syns today and am having a syn free tea so might treat myself... it just seems like a terrible loss of syns but man I want one. Am writing an essay at the moment that is killing me and could do with a chill out.
I love a glass of wine in the evening & half filling a glass of wine just didn't do it for me.

So I bought a small 100ml glass (from the charity shop) & have a 'glass' of wine each evening for 3.5 syns:D

For me it's a mind over matter thing. OH has vodka & doesn't drink wine so we're not drinking with me having a small glass & him a larger glass, this makes it easier to 'fit' in my head ok.

Try it, it does work:D:D
I totally miss my red wine! It was the one thing I really enjoyed with my meal after a stressful day - I only had one (large!) glass - honestly - but maybe I should try a g & t!!!! Thanks for the tip or should that be tipple! Lol:eek:


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Ohhhhhh I feel your pain! :cry: I know exactly where my weight came from! :eek: It's doing my liver a favour but I'm not sure how long it'll last before I start saving up my sins to fill my large wine glass - and one glass is never enough after a stressful day! :party0036:
I don't miss my wine. I save some syns for the weekend and sometimes have a whole bottle for 26 syns or I'll have a couple of gins followed by half a bottle of wine. I've done this nearly every week while on SW and I've lost over 3 stone. My weight has come off very gradually but I've enjoyed myself doing it.

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