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I must I must decrease my gut... & other similar stories...

Thought I would start a wee diary :)

My name is Kirsty and I am a carbaholic :eek: I am 31yrs old, owned by 1 horse called Holly she is a 15.1hh, Welsh Cob x Dutch Warmblood and 1 hound called Nippy (more formally known as Phillip)... they are my life...

I woke up just over a week ago and thought to myself this is it... I need to do something about my weight now so I can get out competing my horse and enjoying her to the max rather being happy hackers like we are at the moment... :break_diet:

So I joined weight watchers and rejoined this forum and made a pact with myself that I will lose 59lbs by Christmas Day 2010 and I will walk a minimum of 15 miles each week with my dog :) Holly will be ridden religiously 4/5 days per week and work myself hard (I have a sharer who ride her 2 days a week)

So week 1... didn't feel overly positive about I neither rode nor walked as much as I should have and I had pizza for tea on the eve of my weight in :eek: As good as it was I was very lucky I was able to stop myself at 3 small slices and let my friend guzzle the rest and I lose 3.5lbs in my first week :D

Start of week 2... feeling much more positive! Worked hard in my lesson yesterday with Holly then I walked my dog for 1 mile in the evening :)

Today Laura has Holly but I had to go and pay the bills at the yard instead of drivin straight to her house I parked at the yard and walked the 1/4 mile to my YO's house then got home and walked Nippy for 2.16miles :) Very very pleased with myself :)
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well done on your first loss hun thats fantastic :) im sure if you stick 100% to it then you will be able to meet your xmas target :) xxx
Welcome Kirsty. Good luck with your weightloss journey. Well done on your loss so far - you are doing great! x
Thanks :)

Well today has been a good day... Bran Flakes for brekkie with a 1/4 of a 1/2 pint of milk... Salad and Yellow Split Pea Soup for lunch...
Going to do groundwork with Holly this evening which will involve some running around… and then walk the dog same walk as last but go a bit further and make it 3 miles J
Well...Thats another 2lbs off... I feel kinda down about because I wanted more than that off but any loss is better than a gain yes? Had a good week till that half bottle jacques made its way down my throat last night... no boozy times for me again till i am well on my way to skinnydom... 50.5lbs left to go now and 27 weeks to lose them :eek:

Kirsty the dressage superstar can I do this?
Kirsty the dressage superstar to be - YES I CAN!
Well done hunny, 2lbs is a fab loss! You should be dead proud of yourself :) xxx

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