I nearly ate a roast potatoe last night!!!

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  1. sianock

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    My Hubby cooked a lovely roast dinner for him and the kids, and there were 3 roast potatoes left over. I kept looking at them all crispy and fluffy. I even picked one up at one point. I was so close to eating it.

    So I called Dan and said 'please do something with the potatoes!!!'.

    Next thing I know the dog has come in licking his chops, so at least someone got to enjoy the spuds!!!;)
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  3. karenO

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    Well done on resisting the temptation - there hasnt been hide nor hair of a roastie in this house since i started Cambridge, my OH doesnt dare lol

    I had to do the same thing on Fri night with the childrens left-over pizza. There was about a third left over and i said to OH "do you want this" "Yeah" he says, "just leave it there and i'll nibble at it" My response was "Look mate you've got two choices - you eat it all RIGHT NOW or you watch it going in the bin because its killing me" lol :eek::D:eek:
  4. hanloje

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    Well done for resisting! that's great!

    My dogs are growing since I started this diet! they now get all the leftovers! ha ha ...
  5. Amanda71

    Amanda71 Silver Member

    If I'm tempted, I just put it in the bin and squirt washing up liquid on it! lol :D
    Well done for resisting :D
  6. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

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    Good on you for resisting the temptation! Keep it up, before you know it you'll be at goal.
  7. Angel155

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    I had temptation all round last night. We had a beer and pizza party at the stables as a leaving party for one of the grooms. I took two big bottles of fizzy water and had my shake before I left home.

    My good friend (who knows I am doing CD) was filling haynets as the pizzas arrive, so I took over while she ate her pizza. She kept telling how bad the pizzas were, bless her. I told her I wanted to hear they were good and to be able to smell them. She told me how proud she was of me not giving in to temptation :D
  8. MiniMe*Escaping

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  9. jakki

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    i had similar temptation in my house yesterday, my husband even told the children to say that the dinner wasn't very nice!! The smell was amazing though. I went and stood on the scales and reminded myself of why I am doing this!!

    Well done to you for your resistance of temptation!
  10. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Oh well done, roasties are a big weakness of mine, you must have very strong willpower at the moment :)
  11. MiniMe*Escaping

    MiniMe*Escaping Banned

    Well done to your hubby what a sweet man!!!
  12. bridie

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    slim and save
    you guys are such roll models...im awfull at temptation like today...... ive been bad because i was so tempted to eat that i just HAD to have all my CD packs.... so now im going to be hungry this evening.... oh well my own fault ay :)
  13. corioboria

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    When you're faced with food temptation, go upstairs and put on the smallest item of clothing in your house, the trousers that won't pull all the way up or button up or whatever it is that you have that doesn't fit properly. Pull it up to wherever it goes, then go downstairs wearing it and eat that thing that is tempting you.

    ....or not, as the case may be....
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