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i need a bit of help guys...

Hi everyone :D

well need sum advice, my and my bf had decided thru the week that we wud have sum munchies 2nte (bad things lol) well all day today iv ate free food, and the bad stuff he has bought is doritos and popcorn and sum cookies!!:sigh:

wats best thing to do?just flexi syn and start afresh 2mro eating lots of free food?or cut back on syns rest of week?help!!il also be at gym 3 times this week to :)

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Hiya Christie,

Do you know how many syns you've used up so far this week? And how many syns you'd eat if you have these lovely treats? Might not be necessary to have a flexi-syn day if you count your syns across the whole week - whatever you do, my consultant always says we should do our best to find out the syn value of what we eat, whatever we're doing!


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Syn what he has bought up then decide how many syns you want to use tonight - use your flexi-syns (that is what they are there for), if you haven't used many all week then you will be ok but if you have then just try & cut down on syns after tonight till your weigh in. The gym will help out as well but whatever you decide make sure you enjoy them & don't give yourself too hard a time for having a treat once in a while.
thank you everyone :D i had 13.5 syns yday (weigh in was on thurs) and had 4 today so far reason being that i really wanted bread and my nimble was off (grrrr)so had a slice of white bread and synned it..havin sw chips and veg for tea then gona have my nice goodies and not feel guilty :D (thanks julie :)) then start afresh 2mro and try not to have to many syns until weigh in (gona try stay below 5 a day if i can) thanks guys :D u always make me feel better lol


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Do you really want to use 70 sins on snacks? If you do then go for it and flexi sin it-but is there maybe a better option? Just a thought x


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I'd just cut back the rest of the week - 15 syns per day = 105 syns.

70 + 13.5 + 4 = 87.5, which leaves you 17.5 for the rest of the week (approx 3 a day). How does that sound?
hi evanesco yeah u can do that, but sum people tend to do it that way so they dont have to use flexi syns..means they can work it round their weekly syns but i always used to have two flexi day a month and didnt affect my loss.. as long as u get striaght back on plan the next day with lots of free food u will be fine
Thats what i am led to believe to evanesco confused now do i have a few wkds tonight then??? using flexi syns or not???
I always had the impression that flexi syns were for that 'once-in-a-while' time when you weren't expecting a lot of syns (being caught out somewhere, etc).

If I know I'm going out/staying in with a lot of syns, I try and either save up syns before the event, or restrict myself a bit more later that week. You're not guaranteed a loss if you have a flexi-day, but if you keep your syns under 105 in a week, you're much more likely to see a loss.

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